Alive Museum Singapore and some tips to thoroughly enjoy the experience!

I seldom post about lifestyles. But once I do, I do it wild!

I have been wanting to make a trip to Korea partly because of one of its main attraction, the trick eye museum. Thanks to #omy and #alivemuseum , I now had the chance to experience something similar and enjoyable! It is to visit Alive Museum conveniently located at Suntec City!

So here are some poses my friend and I did at Alive Museum Sg! Enjoy!
(Note: Some of the captions may contain colourful languages.) 

Smacked right at the entrance, the first exhibit was this bare ass woman on the bed.
Hey! I wasn’t going to touch that ass! Quit spying on me!

Another one of the more perverted horny shot of me …. Don’t judge me as this was purely for photo taking purpose only!
(Note: These 2 pictures are about to be removed from the exhibit site due to many negative feedback.) 

Hail to the king! The really relax and slack one.

Hi mom, I am hungry. Can I have food now?

Nooooo! Let me go!

Summoning forest dragon jitsu! Wrong hand sign for a summoning jitsu….O well….I watched too much Naruto episodes!

There was also a fully mirrored room with disco lights! What happens when you place blogger with mirrors? Werking it out with camwhole shots! Girls please wear skirt, we guys promised not to peep.

I did this inverted shot since we had the whole mirror room to ourselves!

When people started coming in, you have no choice but to have them in your shots just because it is a mirrored room! Duh!
”I came in like a wrecking ball!” My friend owned this picture.
I am not surfing any porn website in here! Oppps, stupid mirror!  

I don’t know why I looked so calm in here… 
Another picture which owned me flat. My friend did a bit of unbuttoning to show his abs tummy! He is going to slaughter me for this.
Thankfully nobody else was around when I stripped and took this shot! Help! The whirlpool is sucking me hard in!

Another dramatic shot! If only a girl would wear a bikini for this….(Not X-L size like below!)

I hope I don’t get such a heavy girlfriend or my back would break!

Used my friend’s shot as I just refused to get hit! I either blocked or dodged. 

NOOOO! My soft serve ice cream! I will Kung-Fu-Fight you for this Mr Panda!  

Unleashed the hulk in me! Hulk Smash!

Hi batman, you will get diabetes eating me…because I am too sweet…  

Warning: The pole here is really slippery and difficult to climb/grip!
”I am on top of the world looking, down on creations…….”

I forgot how I did this!

Weeeee! A clearer view of your d!ck! Why so small one!?!?

Save me from these zombies!

I am such a great and talented artist! 

A bit exaggerated in here since a couple of eyes were on me when I took this shot. Thankfully I could do low rope during my army days easily but just be careful of rope burns! Dang, I should have videoed this station instead!
There were many other stations which I did not feature in this blog post as I did not want to be such a big spoiler (I am only a small spoiler…).
My tips for those who want to thoroughly enjoy the experience:

1) Hate those spotlights as they tend to spoil most of my beautiful pictures with me inside. You will notice many patches of light reflection throughout my pictures. Just try to exclude the lights as much as possible.

2) Not only the exhibits are under the spotlight, I myself look ultra white in some of the photos. Get your photographer (best a patient one) to instruct you on the positioning.

3) You do not necessary need to follow the instruction of where to stand to take the best shot, experiment with different positions for personal preference.

4) One important thing is to get the angle right! Hard to explain in the form of words but be sure to keep the alignments in check.

5) Wear clothes you don’t mind lying on the floor with because some stations require you to do so.

6) It is really boring seeing repetitive poses of people at each stations. To outshine, be as dramatic as possible, or show exaggerated facial expressions. Pose something people would not dare or want to do.

7) Posing with friends make the experience more fun and lively. However do not overdo it such as having 10 people in a picture.

8) Towards the end of the exhibition, my energy level was drained out. Train up a bit on your flexibility, stamina as well as strength because these are required for crazier extreme poses.

Currently, Alive Museum is having a promotion! Check out the link here for more details!
Ticket Prices
Adult 13 yrs and above: S$25
Child 3 – 12 yrs: S$20
Package 2 Adults + 1 Child: S$60

Opening Hours
Opens daily from 10am to 10pm (last admission at 9pm)

Suntec City Mall
 #03-372 (between Towers 3 & 4)

Virgin Trip to Palua Ubin – Photolog

Not being lazy here but typing a lengthy post about lifestyle like this (quite recent) trip to Palua Ubin is definitely not my forte. Especially since hardly any food is involved here…
Let this post be a photolog posts then…Enjoy viewing these pictures of me, my army buddies as well as the greens and the naturally beautiful scenery of Palua Ubin!

We ordered a couple of dishes to share and it was really disappointing. The only decent dish of fried baby squids which tasted so much like the popular satay fish snacks.

-The End-

Pulau Pangkor Malaysia 090514 – 110514

Hi! Finally a breakthrough as I have decided to blog about my short get-away trip to Pulau Pangkor Malaysia (090514 – 110514)! More pictures of my camwhore instead of delicious food this time. I joined my friend and his mum on a 3 days 2 night packaged tour, with 17 other aunties and 2 uncles. Had to take a coach from Singapore and the travelling time was really really torturous since Pulau Pangkor is located close to Ipoh.

The sun was already quite scotching as we made our way to the jetty!

The view of the jetty to Pulau Pangkor! 

Another selfie with my friend! Basically we took turns taking selfies with my camera throughout the trip in order to entertain ourselves. My hair was freshly dyed only a couple of days before this trip! 
After placing our bags, we headed directly towards the deck to enjoy the view (not exactly) but to spam shots! My best shot out of the few that I took. Just for your information, the boat ride was about 40 mins. 
There were quite a few souvenir shops selling clothes and handicrafts. A few restaurants around the corner where you could satisfy your hunger pangs too.    

On the 2nd day, we took a small boat from the shores of Pasir Bogak beach to cruise around, looking at rocks, feeding fishes and enjoying the sea breeze!   

A selfie shot with life jacket on! Why I looked so sleepy??

We alighted along the coast to take the 1 and only group shot out of the entire trip. All so energetic and can’t wait to go!

Another selfie before heading on to Lin Je Kong temple. By the way, besides the boat trip, there were other water activities such as band wagon, jetski, banana boat, snorkeling, swing, kayak which we did not go for. 

Captured this cute scene where this little doggy kept following its mum for milk! Really cute baby dog! I also captured another picture of 2 dogs f*ing each other (doggy style) in the middle of the street. Really funny but I refused to post it here.

We visited Eng Seng Pangkor Food Industry and Trading, which is the production place for the popular satay fish snacks!

Everyone going crazy grabbing either snacks or dried fishes.  

Next visit was the Foo Lin Kong temple!

The miniature great wall within the temple. (I am officially getting restless trying to describe the places. Gosh, food please!)

Last but not least, saw that building with only walls of staggering height? That would be the Dutch Fort. Nothing much of a fort left but still can take pictures.

I just loved the designs on the ground that I laid down to take pictures. It does reminds me of crop circle and I am fan of such stuffs.
Not to forget the cannon of the fort! Who sits on a cannon like this?
As for the tiger rock, I did not have the picture (just a rock with a logo cravings). 
By the way, I stayed both nights at Coral Bay Resort. They have a small swimming pool and sauna room which my friend and I camped in there for like 2 hours? I just love having detox in saunas!
Being #typical Singaporean, I ate like 4 sticks of Magnum ice cream throughout the entire trip. Not because I love ice cream but also partly due to the cheaper price too (By half!). Strolling my way to the beach while enjoying ice cream! (Just about 10 mins walk to reach from my hotel.)
Back for more pictures along Bogak beach! Really unfortunate for me as my previous slippers broke and I
had to get a new pair. Bought this new pair for RM 23 and I quite liked the red-black colour combination! 

=p shot

Acting like a American’s next top model’s contestant. 
Tyra Banks would say : You could have done a booty tooch right there.

One of the many jump shots!

Don’t just stand there, pose something?

The panoramic shot of the rocky terrain. 

The panoramic shot from the extreme end of the beach.

These little crabs were the size of a 10 cent coins. The thought of capturing some of them to bring back to Singapore did cross my mind actually. Wouldn’t it be nice to keep them as pets?
Finally the end of my short get-away post which I tried to summarize as much as possible. Luckily I did not post about the rest of my holiday trips or else my blog would end up becoming a travel blog. I still LOVE food MORE! 
Click here to view my post on ‘A kelong kitchen in Batam’. 

Orh Nee Roll – My Rendition of Orh Nee

Decided to do up a post before going to dreamland to recharge my energy for a crazy day of work tomorrow! It is FHA week and the morning crowd is so CRAZY! Too bad my off days are after FHA and I could not go although I had complementary ticket from my chef. (Gave away the ticket already…) I posted about my last day of school and my presentation previously (click here to view) and below is the dessert I created. The recipe I used included if anyone want to try making it?  
(Picture taken from my school instructor’s album.) Nicely taken from his DSLR! 

A summarized version of my report (modified)
Orh Nee Roll is my rendition of the popular Teochew dessert that goes a long way back.
Orh Nee in Teochew means Taro Paste and memories of this dish come from attending
wedding banquets, where it is almost customary for it to be served as the last course in resturants.
The main ingredient used is yam, which is one of the oldest food plants known. It is also a common plant found around the rustic and rural kampung environment in the past. Yams are a good source of potassium, manganese, copper, vitamin C, dietary fiber, and vitamin B6.
The other secondary ingredients used are coconut cream, pandan leaves, shallots and pumpkin seed (to replace the actual pumpkin flesh).   
Since the past, coconut cream is added to Orh Nee to enhance the flavor, giving it a creamier texture. As for shallots, when fried, they produce a fragrant aroma which would mask the undesirable smell of the yam. Pandan leaves are used as additional flavoring for the skin.
To further depict the kampong style, I choose to present my Orh Nee rolled up in light pandan fragrance snowskin, looking like a piece of home made traditional kueh. It is also to break the monotonous habit of serving Orh Nee in a bowl, looking like a pile of unappetizing dull looking gooey mess. The spongy texture of the snow skin with fried shallots and pumpkin seed provide a slight contrast to the rich creamy texture of the yam paste itself. This sweet as well as savory dessert is made from scratch, just like from the kampung days.

Dessert name: Orh Nee Roll (About 100 pcs)
(Adjust oil and coconut cream base on your desired consistency.)
Ingredient List
Yam Paste 
Fresh Yam        1200g
Caster Sugar        200g
Peanut Oil            300g
Shallots             15 no.s
Coconut Cream    600g
Salt                    A pinch
Snow Skin
Fried Glutinous Rice Flour (Kou Fien)          600g + (100g for dusting)
Icing Sugar                                                   750g
Shortening                                                    180g
Water (Cold)                                                 600ml
Green Colouring                                            Few drops
Pandan Leaves                                              100g
1)      Peel taro and cut into thin slices. Arrange on a dish/tray and steam for 20-30 min until soft.
2)      Once the taro slices are out of the steamer, mash them up with the back of a fork, adding caster sugar at the same time. Taste and add more caster sugar if required. Tweak the level of sweetness to personal preference. Cover with clingfilm.
3)      Peel shallots and finely slice them.
4)      In a wok or wide saucepan, add oil and sliced shallots. Gently stir-fry on medium low heat until the shallot discs begin to brown and crisp up. Strain the shallots from the oil.
5)      Return oil back to the wok, turn down the flame to low. Add mashed taro paste and mix until well amalgamated. Taste again and add more sugar if required. Also, if coconut milk is used, it can be added at this point with a pinch of salt. Cut back the oil by half if so and add accordingly until the desired texture is achieved.
6)      Allow the taro paste to cool down considerably. Transfer into a food blender and blitz until smooth. Chill the mixture till firm.
7)      Sift the flour and mix with icing sugar and add into a bowl
8)      Blend the pandan leaves for its juice, add into the cold water with a few drops of colouring.
9)      Add shortening and water to the flour mixture, mix together to form a smooth dough and keep aside for 30 minutes.
10)   Roll out the dough into a rectangular flat surface, spread the taro paste across it and roll it up like a swiss roll.
11)  Chill before slicing into portion and serve. 

(I had my reference from

Graduated from At-Sunrice! Spice Odyssey 2014

This 18 months was like a whirlwind to me. I enrolled into At-sunrice and started my course almost 4 months after my army days. Even the pictures I am about to post felt like an aftermath of the whirlwind since I am at a loss of what sequence should I start my story line with!  
Every story have a starting as well as an ending. I shall begin mine with the layout of my group’s given
presentation theme – Survival and Preservation. I further modified the concept to Kampong Survival and
Preservation of our Heritage so that it would make things easier. I present to you our layout that day of our
presentation! (Not the full layout actually)

My team that comprises of 3 pastry and 3 culinary students. With kampung theme, we dress kampung style! 

Another group shot sitting on the floor like kids! I wore singlet that day although I know I do not have a perfect body.
Who cares? I am known to dress anyhow as long as I am comfortable with. Note: For hygiene purpose, I
did shave my armpit hair the day before.  

A selfie playing with a paper kite that day. Although badly taken but no choice as this was the
only picture my friend sent to me….

My Orh Nee Roll which is my own rendition of the popular Teochew dessert. Shall post the recipe next
time. Really survival looking right?

We had to pack some door gifts for our guests and we bought some of these really old school toys and
candies! Remember these? We also bought some other toys like five stones, paper balls and chapteh to
play with during our presentation (not shown here). We wanted our guests to walk down the memory lane
and re-experience the past. 

I know it looked quite cheapo in plastic bags but it is Kampung style! Each group was only given $100 to
spend on whatever props and stuffs we need for our presentation.
We had to present our concept and food 3 times to different batches of guests. We were only allowed
one invite each. Taken a photo with one of my close friend’s wife when she visited my group for food
My classmates! We all dressed accordingly to our theme that day. My dressing is definitely the most
‘CUI’! LOL! 
My close cliquey of friends! 
Guys only shot! One of them went for smoke break I think…

Back at Sats, thank you chef for loaning me some of the equipment for my presentation! 

This is just a brief post and I did not have time to try my friends’ food or to take pictures of other teams’ layout/food. We all knew we did what we could and to happily graduate from our course, no matter whether we would want to continue this profession in future.