Dungeon Portal

Project Title: Dungeon Portal Dungeons depict mystery and uncertainty due to its dark and eerie representation. This art is created with a mix of fear and curiosity in mind.


Project Title: Summoner Creepy scenes of flickering candles amidst the darkness of the night, with disturbing sacrificial object was lingering in my thoughts as I edited this image.  

Blink Of Transition

Project Title: Blink Of Transition A situation of transition in progress can be witnessed in this art. Is it from night to day or day to night? Dual coloured blocks sizzling down while the rhythm of the waves started the process of merging and disrupting these bubbling pastel foams. The sea has became a moving canvas…

Starships Are Meant To Crash

Project Title: Starships Are Meant To Crash Crashing is no way a positive thing. Another work featuring the art of morbid fascination with scene of Earth in view.  

Failed Gatekeeper

Project Title: Looking into the crystal ball and I sourced for a ship that was loaded with food. The delicious looking ‘Char Kway Teow’ shall be my dinner tonight as I thought to myself while enchanting my pair of chopsticks with magic. My enchantment was completed and I poked my chopsticks through the crystal ball,…

Jelly In The Sky

Project Title: The way jellyfishes drift across the sea bed depicts a sense of unwavering calmness probably due to their fairy like looking tentacles. Yes, they do sting, not unless provoked. Translating the same solace as I changed their habitat from sea to sky, adding pastel colours that could diffuse into the skies, yet not…

The Persistence Of Memory

Project Title: Inspired by Salvador Dali, a prominent surrealist’s painting titled ”The Persistence Of Memory”, I recreated the scene with somewhat similar elements. Ignoring the fact that I was hanging up on the brunch with time melting away.


Project Title: It seems like an ordinary cave at first. Just that the water within was pinkish from the unusual minerals that resides in there. I peered in through the a tunnel opening, curious what lies in there. As my eyes got accustomed to the unusual amount of reflection radiating from within, I was shocked. This…

Sinkhole Ramen

Project Title: I walked across the desert, following the aroma that led me all the way to the sinkhole. I peered down the rocky terrain to witness an incredible sight. Nestled within was ramen in boiling hot miso broth that spilled continuously through a ridge along the sides. The ground shook suddenly and through the…

Poneglyph of Fishman Island

Project Title: After uncovering the location of Pluton from the Poneglyph of Alabasta, I swam over to Fishman Island in search for the next Poneglyph. The ocean’s floor bed was rather dark and difficult to trek through. I chanced upon a giant hermit with a shell made of craggy rock formation and hitched a rather uncomfortable…