World In Flames

Project Title: I woke up perspiring as I felt the heatwaves radiating from the outside of my ship. I  peered outside and was stunned as if a flashbang was threw right at my face. Hues of red from the flames filled my vision as thick smoke spiralled into the clouds, creating a blanket of haze….

Hells Frozen Over

Project Title: I woke up shivering. The boat seems to stop and I last remembered it was supposed to be sailing across the ocean aimlessly, away from the destruction I had left behind. As I climbed to the deck and fluffy snow came down from the sky, greeting me as a surprise. It seems that…

Chilling By The Bay

Project Title: Heavy thunderclouds started to form and darkness took over the entire land. The rumbling of thunder came in crescendo as I sat leaning against the railings enjoying the majestic view. A jolt of purple lightning suddenly stuck the railings of the bridge nearby, creating a flash of brilliant spark. The waves continued to…


Project Title: Kaizoku Kaizoku! Kaizoku! I shouted excitedly, not knowing the risk of running into a pirate ship. After moments as the ship got closer, I recognised that it was the ”Thousand Sunny”, belonging to Luffy, a 100 million+ bounty pirate and his crew. I rushed out from the cabin to the deck, hoping to get…

A Gallop Of Luck

Project Title: A Gallop Of Luck Art in the form of liquid manipulation. Editing splashes to create the figure of a galloping horse.

The Escape

Project Title: The Escape Inspired by the dark scenario of prisoner escaping from pursuers. In the midst of the darkest night, barely lit by a passing aurora where only thick vegetation surrounds the prisoner. Animation currently not available currently.

A Rip in Colours-Shapes Space

Project Title: A Rip in Colours-Shapes Space I entered the “world” of Yayoi Kusama, a Japanese contemporary artist known for her repetitive patterned works. The curation of her works at Singapore National Gallery last June to September sure attracted plenty of locals and foreigners. Known for her iconic dots, her “world” seems filled with them…

Legendary Pokemon Suicune

Project Title: Legendary Pokemon Suicune Inspired by the PokemonGo trend as the game launched Suicune raid. This edit is created from the idea of standing face to face with a creature that exists from one’s imagination.

Runite Ores

Project Title: Runite Ores Inspired by the idea of non existent glowing blue runite ores that could only be known via gamification.

The Genesis

Project Title: The Genesis The beginning of my chapters represented by the break of dawn as I realized my passion and urge to create compelling stories generated from my inspirations.