Stranger Things

Project Title: Stranger Things Inspired by the Netflix series of ‘stranger things’ despite not watching it. The creature lay shrouded by the shadows was an element from the series.

Quantum Realm II

Project Title: Quantum Realm II Inspired by the Ant Man And The Wasp movie as well, this abstract background edit features a volatile quantum realm – a microscopic world (light version).

Quantum Realm I

Project Title: Quantum Realm I Inspired by the Ant Man And The Wasp movie, this abstract background edit features an unusual journey of entering the quantum realm – a microscopic world (darkness version).

Rose Among The Thorns

Project Title: Rose Among The Thorns Inspired by the durian season when durian lovers in Singapore goes crazy about the pungent thorny fruit. A utopian scene of overgrown large fruits compared to the usual size ones.

Skull Lair

Project Title: Skull Lair A morbid scene of death where presence of skulls are scattered across the lair. Hidden within the mist is a hidden face of skull itself.


Project Title: Duality Inspired by the thought of dining under both the moonlight and the brilliant sunshine  at the same time.

Santorini Troll

Project Title: Santorini Troll Participated in a mass trolling over Daryl Aiden’s Instagram posts (#darylaidenchallenge) where he bought stock images and mentioning that he took those images himself. P.s This Santorini image was the troll template.

Soul World

Project Title: Soul World An illustration inspired by the “Avengers – Infinity War” film, the scene where Thanos spoke to young Gamora in a pinkish-orange dreamy landscape, supposing the ”soul world”.  Under the pavilion structure with Thanos, Gamora asked ”Did you do it? What did it cost?”  

Spirit Delieverance

Project Title: Spirit Delieverance Inspired by the idea of a ‘soul keeper’ which capture souls/spirits. The idea of this art is to release them, allowing these barrel-sealed souls/spirits to achieve freedom. Animation available for viewing here.

Oysters Trove

Project Title: Oysters Trove Inspired by the idea of seeking a treasure (pearl) that could only be found in oysters. With the contoured shell glittering beneath the ray of light, it further highlight how valuable the treasure was.