RISE Buffet @ MBS – 1st buffet of 2015

Thankfully I did not add ‘No buffets’ to my list of New Year Resolutions this year because that point would surely be in vain, just like the previous years. It was so shocking that I already went to my first buffet session so early this year…Yeah, that early…
I need to stop … as my records for the average number of buffets I had each year was 10. (8 – 14)

I love it when the place is nicely furnished, giving me the impression of a greenhouse feel, maybe because of the glass panels that allows natural light to pass through. I felt like a dwarf sitting right beside a giant artificial potted plant.

Admiring the splendid architectural design.

There was quite a wide spread of international selections, including Indian food section which I got to savour some of those hardly eaten before Indian cuisine. (Not shown here)

I felt that the concept of the buffet was more towards the market place style. Not just because of this picture that shows an extensive array of vegetables fit for a monk’s spread here.

My jaws literally dropped when I saw this section of breads! Gosh, what a spread. That’s not all, check out below.

The first thing that actually came into my mind was how much wastage would there be at the end of the day? Maybe not for me but do people actually go for bread during buffet? Let’s not talk about breakfast since it could be a stable food for most people, especially foreigners. Buffets sure have plenty of wastage in the first place anyway and leftover bread would usually end up in bread and butter pudding since the basic ingredients for it are just eggs, milk, cream and sugar.

The sashimi section never fails to put a smile on my face! Quite fresh I would say.

Just trying out (almost) everything available. Was a bit disappointed as I had expected a large slab of beef on a chopping board, ready to be sliced on the spot. Too bad chicken was in place.

I think my friend was thankful to the convex reflection of the mirror because it made him looked slimmer.
I did try out all their desserts too, but it wasn’t much that I actually liked…

I kind of liked the design of the counter display chiller where the pastry chefs could place their buffet refills in. Most probably the pastry kitchen would be on a different level due to space constraints. Only the culinary side have that privilege because they had to cook ala minute.   

Celebrating Christmas 2014 at Carlton Hotel Café Mosaic!

In just less than an hour time, it would be a brand new year. Year 2015! New year, new resolution as well! Avoiding buffets has always been in my resolution list for the past few years and it had never succeed. Not even close since I had buffets countless times within a single year. This time, I dared not add that statement to the list.
Anyway, it is a #throwback post of what I ate this Christmas with my family! Christmas itself acts as a yearly family gathering as well as to indulge in a feast. I know that festive seasons are when buffets would take the advantage to hike up their prices, at the same time adding on a couple of delicacies such as the turkey, minced meat pies, panettone and stolen. We still went for Carlton Hotel’s buffet, in the name of the meaning ‘gathering’. Buffet selections usually changes from time to time, therefore nowadays I seldom touch on them. I still have a huge list of buffets which I have visited on the side link of my blog though.

Christmas always comes with gingerbread, like they were meant to be a package. Never did I expect to see a really huge gingerbread house covered in icing (as snow) and decorated with colourful m&ms.

Not surprised at all to find a fat looking turkey under the spotlight (heating lamp) too. It definitely was tender and juicy!

On and off while I ate, I took a couple of eating selfies just for fun. Chilling a bit with supposing a bowl of caeser salad. Not quite my liking since the common bowl used for self making salad was already polluted by all sorts of different salad dressing done before me. It just  tasted aaaarrggg… Many buffets also has this salad station with the same problem too.
After consuming a considerable amount of food, walking around to snap selfies with the gingerbread showpieces would give my stomach a chance to relax a little. 

Another shot!

Decided to zoom in a bit into the little santas!
Cute little bear goes out to play!
 What is Christmas without logcakes? This log was sinfully rich and chocolaty that made me really addicted to it. A couple of other desserts such as a konnyaku jelly, mango pudding and some other mousse cakes were also transformed into logs as well. However, nothing could beat this one!
 The red velvet with cream cheese frosting was another favourite of mine. Not too sweet…

Another whole chocolate cake! I felt that having the whole cake out on the buffet spread felt more ‘sincere’ to us paying costumers since we paid a higher price during the festive period. Those petite blocks were just not for me.

Just spamming on every single desserts available. The durian pengat was really popular that day but too much flesh for my liking.
The tea selection were sadly from Lipton, which I considered an inferior quality brand. I could have drank a few cups if it were from TWG!

After a long non-stop feasting cum selfie session, our dinner finally ended with us having a bloated stomach. A mandatory shot with the yearly setup Christmas tree as backdrop!
Hoping that year 2015 would be a better one for all of us! 

Lime Restaurant Lunch Buffet – Just another buffet spam

Time to update this space of mine! This was actually quite sometime back before I started working. I was desperate for a buffet meal again and being skinny is a horrible excuse to splurge on another buffet meal.
Lime left quite a good impression the last time I had the dinner buffet and I was back again for lunch this time round.

I kind of hated it when my friend and I was thrown to the extreme corner table where the service sucks due to the seating location. Please, the restaurant was not even packed that day! We also had to walk from one end to the another end to take the desserts! Since I am a dessert person, imagine the countless times I had to walk…?!

The food variety seems like it was exactly same as dinner time. Not that fantastic but decent.

Due to the lighting, our wefies pictures were so overexposed! I kind of liked it that way because I do not need to do much editing! 1st time using the selfie stick!

Loved this picture and I took it using the selfie stick too! Top view really rocks! Look at the clear picture of my steak!

Wow green tea cake! The colour was rather pale, too pale to be natural? Basically greentea cream and rather dense sponge.

The super chocolaty ice cream was good! So chocolaty that I feared a pimples outbreak would occur within the next few days after consuming a single scope. The lime sorbet was really sour and a bitter aftertaste that was deemed unpleasant to me. So not my type… 

Not to forget a series of kuehs that caught my attention due to their brilliant colours!

There were many more but I only want to feature one of my favourite dessert that day, which is no other than the durian pengat with gula melaka. I had to drain off the gula melaka because it was too sweet! I think I took about 10?…or more? 

Korean Corn Cane Ice Cream – Rare chance to try in Singapore

There was a temporary Korean Food Fest last week and by the time you have seen this post, I guess this ‘rare’ dessert would already be gone from Takashimaya. For someone who have not been to Korea before, I found this yellow wrinkled cane looking thing rather alien. After Kepo-ing (busybody-ing) around a bit, I found out that it was the corn cane ice cream that was imported from Korea, costing $3.50 each. 
I even went to video how she ‘squeeze’ the vanilla soft serve ice cream in these hollow centred corn canes.
Check out the video on my instagram account here!

Gosh! I just had buffet at Marriott Cafe less than a hour ago and I am eating this! Already ultra full and this corn cane did not show my stomach any mercy at all. While girls go crazy over K-pop bands, I got influenced by Meok-Band Trend, which is the latest online craze among South Koreans. It involves watching a gorgeous woman eat giant servings of food!
”Combine the elements of competitive food eating, voyeurism and online porn and you turn the banal act of eating into marathon livestreamed video that has become a growing trend out of South Korea.
Nah, not into that extend yet since I only had pictures of myself enjoying my food…

Being a bit of an asshole here, I saw a couple of girls seriously enjoying themselves feeding on this yellow sticks. Guys eating this would naturally feel much more awkward. I told my friend to give his girlfriend a cane and he would be able to tell if she were good at SEX. (One of the criteria) 
Frankly, the corn cane was only slightly crisp, close to tasteless and containing fairly little soft serve. Don’t judge the internal containment by its overall size!   
*Update* – There is an outlet at Vivocity basement 2 selling these for the same price too!

Marriott Cafe Lunch Buffet – 1 for 1 with the Entertainer

Back to my buffet hopping days when I had another buffet session right the week after a previous buffet.
No choice, the Entertainer 1 for 1 was really too irresistible. Anyway, the application only have 2 buffet places – At Lime Restaurant (Parkroyal on Pickering) and the other is Marriott Cafe! The 1 for 1 applies to lunch, high tea as well as dinner buffet!

This time I had lunch with my friend who was super bad with his photography skills. Gosh, he had to retake my picture like 10 times before 1 decent one came out. Not again! I was once again too engrossed in taking pictures of all the appetizing food that I neglected taking a decent shot of the layout/interior! The place have been renovated, from a dim to a bright dining environment. No wonder it looked so different from the last time I came for its dinner buffet which was a few years back.

The usual starter for me and my friend would be the salmon sashimi, smoked salmon, szechuan salmon and the other salmon. Careful of high sodium content! There were the usual cold cuts, salad station, some cheese and a variety of bread which I did not take, fearing that they would take up too much stomach space. 
My #Fotd (food of the day, not exactly) shot which my friend took. 1 out of 10 shots passable…I supposed.

Just random pieces of different food for tasting purpose. If the food is to my liking, I would definitely go back for second and even third round. The usual laksa and a pasta station was available too.

Besides a selection of soup to choose from, there were also a couple of Korean dishes too! Bibimbap available too! Any Korean food fans around?!? 

For beef lovers like me, go for the medium rare slices of beef! I had 3 slices and I just love the tender chewy meat with blood tainted juices seeping out. Don’t go ‘eeewww’ on me…

The ice cream tasted inferior, like those from an ice cream cart along the roadside. Skip them if you do not want too much trans fat in your diet. 

I tried the whole selection of cakes available, but only posting the little red velvet cupcake just because it looked the prettiest. There were 6 cakes that came in rectangular log form, for self-cutting and looking like a pile of mess when you placed them onto your plate. 

The Entertainer application which I redeemed for the 1 for 1! Like a half price only after dividing by 2 with my friend!

Not to forget the selfie shot after the lunch buffet! I guess I should go for a jog soon!