Vincent Van Gogh Paintings at Musée d’Orsay, Paris


Besides the renowned Mona Lisa painting at Louvre Museum which I had previously blogged about, Musée d’Orsay houses many well known paintings and artworks of famous artists due to the fact that Louvre Museum literally ran out of space. These artists include Van Gogh, Manet, Monet, Cezanne, Renoir and many more! Continue reading “Vincent Van Gogh Paintings at Musée d’Orsay, Paris”

World’s Famous Mona Lisa Painting at Louvre Museum, Paris

The Mona Lisa is probably the world’s most popular paintings in the art history, painted by Leonardo da Vinci during The Italian Renaissance. The most common fascinating thing I have heard about the painting Mona Lisa, was her smile and bewitching gaze which follows you around the room. Be it a myth or not, I just had to witness it for myself. Continue reading “World’s Famous Mona Lisa Painting at Louvre Museum, Paris”

Lindt Chocolate Museum, Cologne

Chocolate Museum Cologne

It was Day 11 of my Germany-France trip and having visited the famous Cologne Cathedral + plenty of shopping the day before, it was time to make a trip to a place that makes me smile and hungry at the same time. 

Lindt Chocolate Museum, also known as “Schokoladen Museum” was added on to my place-to-go list since I am a sucker for anything chocolate. I sure was glad the location was just about 5 mins walk from Art Otel Cologne, the place I was lodging.

Greeted by 3 Lindt “Chocolate Bears” at the entrance, I couldn’t helped but to take a picture with them. The place sure was huge inside! I was already eyeing the retail store as well the chocolate themed café even before I had gotten my tickets to enter. Continue reading “Lindt Chocolate Museum, Cologne”

Yayoi Kusama Hometown and A Visit to Matsumoto City Museum Of Art

It has been some time since I last blog on this little space of mine. Just an update which has bugged me to finally post on my latest trip to Japan. The one pit stop from my itinerary was to visit Matsumoto City Museum Of Art despite the winter.
As you can see, Matsumoto is Yayoi Kusama’s hometown and the building is speckled with her signature polka dots. Even the shuttle bus which I took that made their rounds was covered in polka dots.
”The Place For My Soul” was the exhibition held within Matsumoto City Museum Of Art. It showcased various Yayoi Kusama’s works from when she started her art journey and so on. Sadly no photography was allowed and I had to respect that.
There was even lockers to store your belongings, a library, a cafe as well as a retail store which I ended up buying 2 of Yayoi Kusama’s merchandise. I also took some time wandering around the museum, admiring its architecture and taking photos of it.
I sure was glad that I have visited a famous artist’s hometown!







Marvel Studios: Ten Years of Heroes Exhibition

Marvel Studios: Ten Years of Heroes Exhibition was held from the 9th June to 30 Sept 2018 at Marina Bay Sands’ Art Science Museum. I visited with a group of friends who were also keen to find out more about the exhibition.
Basically, there were many panels of introduction of each characters throughout the exhibit which I would skip like most people do. The main focus would probably be the life size figures of Marvel characters since it they were photo worthy and instagramable.
I love how they tried to incorporate digital technology into the exhibition. The part where different iron man suits were flashed onto a plain “mannequin”, groots’ movement detection, Dr Strange’s portal & reality warping as well as digital ants & wasps.  
Overall it was considered a fun tour around with plenty of photo taking going on. Thankfully people do queue and wait for each other to finish taking individual photos with their favourite hero (except Thanos), at least on that day I was there. Too bad my favourite Scarlet Witch was no where to be found. There was even a retail space selling Marvel merchandise at the exit.