What Supplements Do You Think I Snagged From Nano Singapore Shop?

Supplements are something that most people around my age (shhhh) might start looking up on since maintaining of well-being is of utmost importance. Who would want health problems to seek you out earlier in life if you had a choice? In fact, our usual diet/daily intake often do not tally to what our body requires.

For me, I shall skip the being skeptical part of supplements since I myself do need to take Vitamin C tablets due to inconsistency of eating sufficient fruits and vegetables on a daily basic. Checking out Nano Singapore Shop, an ecommerce platform that gained a worldwide reputation for affordable beauty and health supplements. With countless media mentions and of course being FDA approved, GMP certified (good manufacturing practice) and using 100% natural ingredients, led me to scroll through their supplement offerings.

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IDS Clinic Pico Laser Treatment Review

I have been wanting to do face laser treatment ever since my army days, hoping that such a treatment could at least lighten my acne scars that had haunted me for years.
Since I am just lazy to do a detailed research on face lasers procedures as well as pricing, I decided to just stick back to the same skin specialist clinic which I have been visiting every few months for my keloid jabs and purchase of skin products.

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Zell-V Phytogreen with 100% Organic Marine Algae Cell Factor Review

ZELL-V, a leader in therapeutic cellular therapies for anti-ageing, beauty, and optimum health has launched its first skincare range in Singapore sometime back. Being established in Germany and has its presence in over 40 countries, ZELL-V’s top selling would be its Platinum Plus Sheep Placenta Extract using a formula to provide double dose of anti-ageing effect.
Its first series of skincare range includes Swiss formulated Zell-V Green Wonder Cream+, Zell-V Plus Phytocell Serum+, Be+ range, Be Jojoba Oil as well as the Zell-V Phytogreen with 100% Organic Marine Algae Cell Factor.
“The function of Zell-V Phytogreen with 100% Organic Marine Algae Cell was to optimise cellular detox and nourish cells for greater health, beauty and overall well-being.”
I personally had the privilege to try out Zell-V Phytogreen with 100% Organic Marine Algae Cell Factor for a month. These green tablets as shown in picture below were blue-green marine algae extracts of potent nutrients namely antioxidant and C-Phycocyanin, organically cultivated in New Zealand. There was even a certificate of origin in the box containing the 30 tablets.
Basically after taking the tablets for almost a week, the most obvious result for me would be that I required less sleep to restore my energy level. In fact I even slept an hour or more later than my usual timing, yet having my normal energy level. It took sometime for me to accustom to my increased energy level and I daringly went to jog and swim after work as well.
Just like when I started the tablets which needed time to get used to, stopping it also requires time (maybe about a few days) since my energy level would drop slightly back to normal. Do note that the results may vary from each individuals and I only express my personal opinion after a month of consumption.
For more information, you may want to refer to http://sg.zell-v.com/

House Of Javanese Massage at Johor Bahru City Square

House Of Javanese Massage at Johor Bahru City Square
It was a short day trip to Johor Bahru, settling my lunch with the famous curry fish head just walking distance from Johor Bahru City Square. It was followed up with me over buying the famous wood-fired oven banana cakes from Hiap Joo Bakery & Biscuit Factory.
After a bit of shopping about, my friend wanted a foot massage and we decided to walk in to Javanese Massage located at M2-23 for one. Unfortunately, the slots were fully taken and our alternative plan was to try the full body massage instead. 
I am usually not the type that would be keen for massages and that day was no exception. The interior of House Of Traditional Javanese Massage was dim and had a rustic atmosphere from rattan and bamboo furnishing. Soon, we were led into a large room, segmented into smaller ones by flimsy looking partitions. After changing into my disposable underwear, the massager assigned to me started applying oil before proceeding on with the massage. In my personal opinion, the overall experience was perhaps mediocre as the pressure was not quite on point. I somehow did not exactly feel recharged or could feel an improvement in my well being. 
The cost of the Traditioanl Foot Reflexology (30mins) is RM48 while an hour would be RM55 for non members. The Traditional Javanese Full Body Massage (60 mins) is RM79, 90 mins would be RM116 and 120 mins is RM153 for non members. They also have other services such as Aromatic Javanese Full Body Massage, Body Scrubs, Shoulder Massage as well as Pre-natal Body Massage.
House Of Javanese Massage at Johor Bahru City Square

House Of Javanese Massage at Johor Bahru City Square

House Of Javanese Massage at Johor Bahru City Square
House Of Javanese Massage at Johor Bahru City Square

Soaking Up and Relaxing at Yunomori Onsen and Spa

Yunomori Onsen and Spa
I have been to Yunomori Onsen and Spa a couple of times so far after my first visit and I do enjoy dipping in alternating pools. Remembering the first time yuzu bath was launched, I did see a couple of yuzus in netting floating about in the water. The more recent relaunch of the yuzu bath got me and a couple of my other onsen buddies questioning where did all the yuzus had gone to. Physically since nothing was seen floating on the surface and even the fragrance of the yuzu was no where to be detected.
At least I still felt that the yuzu one was better than the sakura pool during a period of time. Besides the romantic pinkish red water, I doubt I could remember smelling any sakura scent. Anyway, going to onsen with buddies definitely makes a difference to my enjoyment as occational chit chat would kill some boredom since being alone is super boring.
I felt super dumb at one point of time when I actually locked my locker key in the locker itself and I had to seek help from the kind staff. I bet they were trying hard not to laugh. How the hell was I that absent minded that day!?
I would always enjoy taking selfies while wearing yukata since it is not often that I could wear them right? I even enjoyed taking a short nap in the resting room located through the doorway at the end of the cafe after soaking in the pool for over an hour to two. The dim lights, cozy sofa-like beds with blankets and comfortable cushions could easily bring a tired being to dream land.
More visits with buddies to Yunomori Onsen and Spa in future!