Cuteness Overload

Project Title: Cuteness Overload The idea of enlarging something really cute. Would it be cute in that size any longer?

Taste Of An Illusion

Project Title: Taste Of An Illusion The idea of having to chill comfortably with a beverage while a storm rages outdoors.

Stone Church

Project Title: Stone Church A travel picture of my visit to Karuizawa Stone Church in Japan.


Project Title: Upgrade Inspired by the sci-fi high technological advancement which would due to modernise our society. The part of the iron man armour already represents technology beyond the current standards.


Project Title: Levitation The idea of enjoyment, carefree and relaxation. Levitating without any worries to weigh me down. Animation can be viewed here.

Night Rider

Project Title: Night Rider Inspired by the beautiful yet mysterious architectural buildings of Japan. The edit intensify the mysteriousness as I ‘cycled’ on water. Click here to view animation.


Project Title: Pinky An art of dual meaning. Do I mean the sky colour or the little finger? It is also an attempt to animate an unanimated ‘stone’ sculpture located at Da Nang , Vietnam. Click here to view animation.

Historical Hue, Vietnam

Project Title: Historical Hue, Vietnam Would like to feature Hue, a historic place in Vietnam which I had visited last year. The attempt trying to make the image appear more 3D like. Animation can be view here.

Flickering Lights

Project Title: Flickering Lights Lanterns are meant to lit up the darkness. How about when the darkness lit up the lanterns? Click here to view animation.

Heaven’s Keeper

Project Title: Heaven’s Keeper Inspired by the world of gamification where characters own unusual pets or creatures that only exists in our imagination. A scene of how feeding such a creature might look like.