Homestay Review – Tam Family Homestay, Walking Distance To Hue Imperial Citadel

After a night’s rest at Da Nang, we travelled north-west via train to our next destination, the city of Hue.  Just a short introduction, Hue is a city of central Vietnam which was the capital of Dang Trong from 1738 to 1755 and of the Nguyen Dynasty from 1802 to 1945. It is a small town rich in culture and history where you could explore royal palaces and tombs of great Vietnamese emperors.

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Serving Thai Food Since 1972, Took Lae Dee Launches New Menu

Bangkok’s famous 24-hour restaurant chain Took Lae Dee has recently launched a new menu of authentic Thai dishes at an affordable price!

With its name directly translated to “cheap and good” in Thai, let’s check out some of my favorite dishes from its menu.

Top of my favorite list would be the Beek Kai Tot Takrai (Lemon Grass Midwing). The wings were fried till perfectly crispy yet remains really juicy inside. The scent of the lemongrass did penetrate in as I bite into the wings.

Kaa Moo (Pork Trotter Platter) was a dish I would love to pair with noodles soup. I love how the fats almost melted in my mouth and the meat was tender. Only complain would the skin was slightly rubbery.

Another meat dish that I loved was the Beek Kai Yat Saai (Stuffed Chicken Wing with Homemade Sauce). Another beautifully fried chicken stuffed till plump and dipped into their sauce. Seems like Took Lae Dee has pretty decent fried dishes in their menu!

Grab a bowl of Kway Tiaw Reua (Boat Noodle) available in both chicken or pork for a hearty comfort meal or the Tom Yum bowl if you are a spicy eater. End the meal with a sweet dessert of Man Cheuam (Tapioca with Coconut Milk)!

Thank you Took Lae Dee for the kind invite!

Address: 18 Tai Seng St, Singapore 539775



Hostel Review – Kon Tiki Da Nang Hostel, A Short Walk From Dragon Bridge

It was already nightfall by the time our Grab arrived at Kon Tiki Da Nang Hostel, our lodging place for the very first night in Vietnam! This was my second time travelling to Vietnam, yet the first time departing from Da Nang Airport. For this trip, we mainly stayed in hostel and homestays due to their very affordable pricing. Let’s check out Kon Tiki Da Nang Hostel!

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6 Places To Visit In Kuching As A Non-Nature Lover

Kuching, despite being the capital of Sarawak, was a perfect place for a weekends getaway from a bustling city life in Singapore. I absolutely was in love with Kuching’s slow pace after spending 3 days 2 nights on this island of Borneo, East Malaysia.

Being someone who fancies the urban city more than nature itself, I have visited and listed down some of the places which you might want to add to your bucket list when visiting Kuching. Since driving wasn’t an option for myself, all these places are easily accessible by cab.

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Hotel Review – Pullman Kuching Hotel, Malaysia

I have decided to blog about Pullman Kuching Hotel where I stayed for 2 nights during my short trip to Kuching, Malaysia which was quite some time back. Since I have taken quite a decent amount of pictures at Pullman Kuching Hotel, why not just share my experience right?

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