Hotel Review – Hotel Mystays Ueno Inaricho

In fact I dreaded this trip’s flight to Japan as I had to transit at Vietnam for 6 hours before arriving at Narita Airport. Despite being cheaper this way, it was definitely a torture waiting for my flight. No more transit flights for me though.

Anyway, it was already nightfall when we arrived at Hotel Mystays Ueno Inaricho, which took us probably about 10 minutes walk from the nearest station – Ueno Station. One important thing I look out for while staying in any hotels would be a convenient store such as 7-11 within its vicinity. Thankfully there was one so that we could get our water and supper supply for the 2 nights.

The hotel’s entrance was a stairway down to a small basement where we got the keys to our rooms. Since it was the beginning of winter, we could not wait to enter our room to get warm after walking through the streets.

First thing to notice was that the room was pretty small or should I mention cozy instead? Due to the room size, the pictures were already the best I could capture and there was hardly room to walk in the toilet as well.

There isn’t much to complain since the room is in decent condition, pretty clean and affordable for a quick stay!

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