All New Pudding or Taro Chunk with Brown Sugar Boba Ice Cream Available on Happy Ice Official Store (Shopee)

Most of us are probably quite familiar with the Taiwan imported Brown Sugar Boba ice cream that swept the E-commerce marketplace sometime back. Each milky popsicle are loaded with brown sugar boba which still retained its chewiness despite being frozen.

Check out 2 of Xiao Mei’s NEWEST flavors introduced which I really enjoyed:

Pudding & Boba ice cream was milky and contained bits of the pudding itself! the tip was caramelized which mimics the actual custard pudding.

Taro Chunk & Boba ice cream was my favorite since I love taro related desserts. It wasn’t as sweet compared to the other 2 flavors and it contained real chunks of taro while the boba was found towards its base.

Not forgetting Happy Ice’s NEW Arty Cream 3 Flavors Handmade variant that was imported from Turkey as well. It comes in 3 cute shapes and flavors of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.


Visit and key in “HAPPYAS” during check out for 70% discount on all products, capped at 8 dollars. Promo valid till 14 September.

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