Imperial Citadel Of Hue, Vietnam

Standing outside Imperial Citadel Of Hue, Vietnam

As mentioned from my previous post, we travelled from Da Nang to Hue, a city that sits along the tranquil Perfume River.

Since the Imperial Citadel was one of the prominent highlights of Hue and was where the royal family of Nguyen dynasty lived, we spent our entire morning till noon exploring it. One interesting fact, the Imperial Citadel was actually modeled based on the Forbidden Palace in Beijing, China! Pay an entrance fee and you could enrich yourself with knowledge and culture.

The sun was scorching hot that day and be prepared to wear comfortable clothes and shoes, armed with a bottle of water for hydration. The entire compound felt like a labyrinth as we explored segments by segment of the Imperial City. We followed along passages, spotted lakes, admired historical architectures and not forgetting to capture beautiful photos as well.

There were also plenty of information in the form of texts within certain exhibit locations which revealed historical details of Vietnamese history. You might also opt for a guided tour to take you around too.

You would not be able to find historic stories here but I could at least offer some pictures and perfect photography spots for your gram!

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