Hostel Review – Kon Tiki Da Nang Hostel, A Short Walk From Dragon Bridge

It was already nightfall by the time our Grab arrived at Kon Tiki Da Nang Hostel, our lodging place for the very first night in Vietnam! This was my second time travelling to Vietnam, yet the first time departing from Da Nang Airport. For this trip, we mainly stayed in hostel and homestays due to their very affordable pricing. Let’s check out Kon Tiki Da Nang Hostel!

The streets of Vietnam were slightly dark unlike in Singapore where streetlamps were seen almost everywhere. We alighted from our Grab and made our way to Kon Tiki Da Nang Hostel which was basically a few stories high building block. Not too shabby from its exterior I guess. The so-called lobby was dim with hanging lights, giving out a cozy old school vibes that I felt comfortable with.

After getting the keys and WIFI password, we headed up the stairs to our room. I was actually surprised it was a 3 pax bedroom given to just 2 of us, probably because hostels are usually more flexible in terms of arrangement. The room looked pretty much like an old school dormitory, while the combination of grey and deep sea blue color (walls and bed) felt weird to me. After putting down our belongings, we headed out to grab dinner around the area as its location is pretty accessible. Next day’s breakfast was the street food directly opposite Kon Tiki Da Nang Hostel and it tasted really yummy!

As Kon Tiki Da Nang Hostel is situated pretty close to Han River where the prominent Dragon Bridge lies, we get to walk over in less than 10 mins to view its dazzling light display at night!

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