Hotel Review – Inter Hotel Le Bristol, Strasbourg, France

Day 3 of our trip and we arrived at Gare de Strasbourg (station) from Frankfurt via train. It was close to nightfall as we walked over to our hotel at Inter Hotel Le Bristol to check in. I was quite amaze to spot many other hotels along the stretch across Strasbourg Station where Inter Hotel Le Bristol was sandwiched somewhere in between.

My first impression of the hotel was it looked rather old and outdated in terms of its interior. With dim hanging lights and a mini bar counter overlooking the reception, the place looked rather stagnant in time yet conducive enough.

After getting our keys, we squeezed into the lift which could only fit 2 of us with our luggage. The corridor towards our room was narrow, dim and had quite uneven floorings.

The room itself was dim and emits a moody vibe. Not looking the best but it somehow looked cozy enough to stay for the next 3 nights. The bathroom was actually quite huge, not proportional to the usual hotel room size ratio I would say and there was even a bath tub too.

For the first night, we had only about 2 hours to explore the streets and to look for dinner before the city sleeps. Probably due to winter or I realised that the shop closes quite early as compared to Asian countries. Managed to explore the city only on the 3rd day since we spent our 2nd day travelling to Colmar.

The hotel is just 5 minutes walk to old district “La Petite France” and about 20 mins walk to Strasbourg Cathedral of Notre-Dame, and where more of the eateries and shops were located at. Christmas markets were going on and shops fronts were beautifully decorated as people busk in the festive vibes of the season. It was such a joy to explore the stone walkways of the street except that it was really freezing cold in the midst of winter, especially at night!


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