Kuching Cat Museum, Sarawak, Malaysia

I thought it was mandatory to visit Kuching Cat Museum the following day after a fulfilling time at the Rainforest World Music Festival 2018. Since the locals fondly called their city ‘Cat City’ due to the fact that ‘Kuching’ means ‘cat’ in Malay, why not visit their cat museum and check out their collection?

My friend and I cabbed over to Kuching Cat Museum, located at Bukit Siol. We were greeted by a cat head arch at the entrance which prompted me to start snapping pictures. Admission is FREE, however, a very small fee is needed for photography in the museum itself.
I was definitely awed by the huge collection of cat related artifacts in its gallery, all neatly categorized. Browsing through the collection, there were paintings, cross stitch, jewelry, sculptures, miniatures, toys of anything ‘cat’ I could imagine. Even iconic cats such as the Hello Kitty and Garfield were not left out of its collection. 
I admit I wasn’t exactly a feline lover and I had a quick browse through. At least I had pictures for references unlike Kuching’s Natural History Museum and Textile Museum which doesn’t allow photography.
Do not miss the souvenir booth if you know friends who love anything to do with cats!

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