Zell-V Phytogreen with 100% Organic Marine Algae Cell Factor Review

ZELL-V, a leader in therapeutic cellular therapies for anti-ageing, beauty, and optimum health has launched its first skincare range in Singapore sometime back. Being established in Germany and has its presence in over 40 countries, ZELL-V’s top selling would be its Platinum Plus Sheep Placenta Extract using a formula to provide double dose of anti-ageing effect.
Its first series of skincare range includes Swiss formulated Zell-V Green Wonder Cream+, Zell-V Plus Phytocell Serum+, Be+ range, Be Jojoba Oil as well as the Zell-V Phytogreen with 100% Organic Marine Algae Cell Factor.
“The function of Zell-V Phytogreen with 100% Organic Marine Algae Cell was to optimise cellular detox and nourish cells for greater health, beauty and overall well-being.”
I personally had the privilege to try out Zell-V Phytogreen with 100% Organic Marine Algae Cell Factor for a month. These green tablets as shown in picture below were blue-green marine algae extracts of potent nutrients namely antioxidant and C-Phycocyanin, organically cultivated in New Zealand. There was even a certificate of origin in the box containing the 30 tablets.
Basically after taking the tablets for almost a week, the most obvious result for me would be that I required less sleep to restore my energy level. In fact I even slept an hour or more later than my usual timing, yet having my normal energy level. It took sometime for me to accustom to my increased energy level and I daringly went to jog and swim after work as well.
Just like when I started the tablets which needed time to get used to, stopping it also requires time (maybe about a few days) since my energy level would drop slightly back to normal. Do note that the results may vary from each individuals and I only express my personal opinion after a month of consumption.
For more information, you may want to refer to http://sg.zell-v.com/

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