"Giselle" Ballet Performance at Esplanade Theatre

Probably one of my most unusual night’s out with my friends as we spent our 2 hours in Esplanade theatre watching a ballet performance titled “Giselle”. It was my first time and never in my life I would expect myself sitting in theatre watching a ballet performance. 
“Giselle” is a ballet performance in 2 acts, featuring choreography by Jean Coralli and Jules Perrot, as it remains one of the well loved classics in the company’s history. With the hint of romance and betrayal, I had to decipher the entire storyline based on the performers acting and facial expression since no dialogue were involved at all. I guess it would be normal for my friends and I to sort of got ”lost” midway yet roughly understood the storyline in the end.
Anyway it was great to see interesting medieval style props as well as beautiful costumes worn by the performers/actors, maybe the term ballerinas would perhaps be more accurate. I also noticed each jump, hop or whatever movements were in sync with the background classical music as well. By watching them performed on their toes, it definitely looks tiring and requires plenty of practise.
Still, that night was an eye-opener for me even though ballet just isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. At least I get to experience watching such a unique performance.

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