Saboten Food Review – 3rd Outlet in Singapore

The urge to bite into a crisp yet not oily batter that unveiled contents with their juices sealed within is definitely irresistible to many. That includes myself who usually put aside the thought of ‘deep fried’ to indulge once a while. 
It was my pleasure to accompany my friend to witness the official opening of Saboten’s third outlet, level 3 of 100 AM Mall last month. As Saboten has over 500 branches across the world, 4 being in Singapore and the newest outlet has opened at Raffles City Shopping Centre. 
The highlights that day would probably be the Mangalitsa Katsu and it was no surprise since Saboten is acclaimed as the biggest Tonkatsu chain in the world. Mangalitsa Katsu sounds rather alien to many since its meat was from a rare pig known as ”woolly pig”. Aside from the kawaii name, its flesh contained much more fats, but still healthier due to its low saturated fat content.
Apart from the fried ebi dish which I am allergic to, it was my first time having fried Chilean abalones as well as scallops croquette. The abalone wasn’t rubbery as I expected it to be while I definitely love the chunks of juicy fresh scallops embedded in the crispy batter.
I ended off the meal with a glass of low alcohol content orange flavoured sake and a scoop of refreshing yuzu ice cream.       

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