Imaginarium: A Voyage of Big Ideas (14 May – 28 Aug 2016) at Singapore Art Museum

The first interpretation that came to mind when I first came across of the word Imaginarium would be the combination of the words Imagination and Aquarium. The gallery space probably houses creative installations of artists’ imagination, constructed and showcased in tangible forms.
It was rather deterring that the first exhibit that greeted me was a locked room of isomalt sugar created by Chef Janice Wong whom is a well known pastry chef in Singapore. Perhaps not the best shot to be taken from outside due to reflections. Just too bad I couldn’t get a closer view of her creations.

My friend and I probably spent at least 20 minutes in the above space, re-experiencing the joy of being youthful/kiddy once again. 
White clean space casts by shadows of overhanging sponge-like fishes and jellyfish looking sea monsters. There were even little islands of hand sewn coral reefs and huge cushion whales which I refused to get up once I laid on them. Everything in there was just so soft and cushiony that I wanted to enter my La-la land form there Zzzz….

Maybe due to time constraint and us getting a bit tired since we headed over to Imaginarium from the other building where the other exhibit Odyssey was held. I felt Odyssey was still better in terms of layout as the exhibits were not all over the place and they were nicely spaced out. Was that why my previous blog post on Odyssey was much more detailed? Perhaps I just could not find any useful data online to blog about this exhibit?

Besides the interactivity part in the cushiony room, the plastic garbage room (above) as well as a pitch black room with a huge light ball, I felt that the other works were kind of boring. I shouldn’t be complaining since the entrance fee is free anyway.

I wonder what would the theme of the next exhibition be?

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