Spicy Thai Thai Cafe – Not your usual Thai food

Larb Moo Tok ($12)
I was late. I wasn’t expecting the walking distance from Paya Lebar MRT station. No matter how far the distance would be, as long as delicious food is served, all that walking would be worth the sweat.
I had some time getting familiar with the other bloggers whom I would be dining with that night before dinner was served. I felt that it was definitely important to be comfortable with who we are dining with or else it would not be a enjoyable session. I sure was glad to know the lively and chatty bunch of bloggers that day!
BBQ Squid & Squid Roe  (Seasonal Price)
The bombardment of dishes left me disorientated in which I was spoilt for choice and not knowing which dish I should off with.
I supposed it sounds logical that I started off with the Fish Maw Crabmeat Abalone Soup in Coconut. The broth was thick and it triggered my allergy reaction since it contained crab meat but I just couldn’t ignore the fact that the coconut was loaded with generous large slices of spongy fish maw. Yes, baby abalones were included. (Note: It was quite filling I would say.)
The spiciest dish of that day was Larb Moo Tok. In short, it was meatballs loaded with spices and we were taught to pair them with the raw long beans. There was a chemistry between these two that balanced the rawness and spiciness which could not be explained.
Uncomplicated and fresh was the BBQ Squid. Firm yet chewy was its flesh, enhanced by the savoury sauce.  
Fish Maw Crabmeat Abalone Soup in Coconut ($28) 

Hommok Thai Style Otak ($18)

BBQ Pork Belly ($18)
Deep Fried Kangkong with Special Thai Sauce ($10)
Hommok Thai Style Otak easily made its way to one of the top few dishes I enjoyed that day. Mildly spicy, fragrant and textures like grainy steamed eggs. I swear I could eat this alone with just plain rice!  
BBQ Pork belly was quite decent, not overly drenched with sweetness. I had to examine the photo closely to double check if I was really having pork belly instead of char siew. Since when pork belly became as tender as char siew??  
Looking like a work of art, Deep Fried Kangkong with Special Thai Sauce makes a rather good snack to munch on. It was so crispy and it reminded me of tempura.
Lala Bee Hoon tasted much better than it looks. The been hoon was soaking with the umami sweetness of the broth cooked with lalas. Perhaps we took a bit too long snapping pictures as more broth would be pleasurable.
Lala Bee Hoon ($18) 
Deep Fried Sea Bass with Mango Salad ($18) 

Thai Style Curry Crab (Seasonal Price)
Thai Style Curry Crab which I felt that it needed no introduction. Crabs lover would rejoice with having crabs cooked in a different style and sauce, unlike the usual few ones available elsewhere. 
Last but not least were the 2 fish dishes Thai Walking Cat Fish with Spicy Lemon Soup (not shown here) and Deep Fried Sea Bass with Mango Salad. Both fishes were HUGE! Soup or fried? I guess it would be up to your personal preference.   
Overall, the Northeastern Thai dishes served at Spicy Thai Thai Café is not the usual Thai food you get like Pineapple Rice and Pad Thai etc. They have unique and delicious dishes prepared by the skilful hands of chefs that would change your perception of what is Thai food.
Thank you Honey for extending the invite and Christina for the invite. 
Opens Daily from 11 a.m. to 12 a.m
Spicy Thai Thai Café
Blk 115 Aljunied Avenue 2
#01-35, Singapore 380115

2 thoughts on “Spicy Thai Thai Cafe – Not your usual Thai food

  1. The Lala Beehoon is my favourite from Spicy Thai Thai! I had it when a friend catered for her Baby's first month (for the adult guests of course). It is a bit of a walk from the MRT, so I've been meaning to visit since!


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