Curious Palate and Motana Brew Bar

Upon hearing that Curious Palate was one of the newer branch of cafes/bistros hidden around Princep Street, we were curiously drawn in to try its menu. How strange that the entrance doesn’t seems like a welcoming one at first. We did not reconsider since we have already targeted this place since that last time we met.
The layout was a little strange, perhaps something new, stretching a long way inwards like a corridor. There were 2 large mirrors with gold frames, an unusual find in a food establishment. I could imagine a lady having some preparation works, touching up and getting ready to pose with her food.
My attempt to keep people curious, actually my mistake of forgetting to record the names of these dishes that my dining buddies and I had consumed.
The gold framed mirror and a vase of vibrant flowers proved to be useful as photography props. We immediately took our dishes to placed them from anywhere near that vase, hoping to capture a beautiful shot.
Vet was crazily in love with the Japanese inspired pasta she ordered. The mild saltiness that easily pleases the palate while the taste of konbu was not overly ‘fishy’. A perfect balance of east meets west in this dish. 

Honey had this fish dish and before I knew it, she had almost finished half while I just started on mine. The slice was puny, definitely not worth for its price tag. Crisp skin, glistering surface with the flesh being firm but still tender. Was uncertain what the baby carrot and radish were soaked in as they were pretty sour but appetizing. A nice balance with the sweet carrot puree.  

I had the wagyu burger which was the more substantial one since I usually look out for something filling and worthwhile. The thick patty made from minced beef was tender, while the middle portion was slightly medium rare. I have no complains since I loved it that way. The whole portobello was tender, juicy and which I could slice it easily while the pesto on it was quite salty. I was glad that it wasn’t ordinary fries that came with the burger! It was sweet potato fries!!! We all enjoyed it since it was sweet, softer than ordinary (potato) fries and felt less sinful too. No time to take nice shots since I was already starving!!   

It would always be good to café hop with other bloggers since they at least have decent photography skills! At least easier to edit… 
Omg that load of sweet potato fries! More please!

Slicing small portions out to let my friends try. Standard protocol when café hopping. After our meal, we decided to go to Motana Brew Bar which was located at Pomo for our desserts.

Sad to say the red velvet waffle was quite disappointing for me since it was highly raved by the social media crowd. I felt that it was more like a sculpture for display instead of something to go into my stomach. Being served semi-melted, almost toppling and the waffle tasting so bitter that I thought that I had forgotten to brush my teeth that morning. Haiz, those red bits were cake crumbs for your info.  

4 thoughts on “Curious Palate and Motana Brew Bar

  1. I love your writing skill have nicely put the reviews..between the shrimp and fish dishes are looking yum..and I do not agree that you are anywhere less as a photographer..I like your photography..they look natural and genuine plus the angles are quite good too.


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