Criollo Cocoa Cafe – Nuffnang Lovin’ Invite

I attended my first ‘Nuffnang Lovin” Event (hosted by Nuffnang) last Saturday at Orchard Gateway and am glad bring a +1 along. Dragged my blogger friend who had to book in to camp that night. My opinions will be as usual, based on my personal experience and nothing against anyone. Why I state that? You will find out right below.
Before the first dish arrive, the chef made the effort to explain to us about the first dish as seen below. Mainly about the description as well as the ingredients used in this dish. I wasn’t exactly attentive to the details since the taste would be what matters to me most.
(Note each dish is shared among 4-6 people)

Breaking through the hard cheesy surface laid the watery-soupy tomato-based vegetables. Mainly the taste of green pepper which I did not mind. I felt like I was having minestrone soup since there were identical resemblance of the two. The yolks were over and did not exhibit fluidity as expected. 

Together with the crispy bread, it was comfort food to me.

A vegetarian option since the patty was actually portobello mushroom overlaid with cubed-cut vegetables (tomato, pepper, etc) and covered by a slice of cheese. (Double check if the dressing is mayo.) A smart move to prevent the cubed ingredients from toppling all over, provided if its for a single pax. As for the fries, the salt was slightly too generous…

So far this dish fared much better as compared to the rest in my opinion. The laksa inspired pasta was rich, had that kick of spiciness as well as fragrant from the coconut cream or milk. I would prefer this dish to be serve warm and not room temperature for a better taste. (Not quite sure how long it was on the table as my group went to view and had a bit of hands-on with latte art.)

The lovely red hues from the strawberries was eye catching but my eyes went towards the waffle since it was chocolate. I wondered if cocoa powder was used? It definitely acts as a drying agent in this waffle recipe, resulting in crisp, almost biscuit-like texture. Average chocolate ice cream with the passionfruit flavour macaroon being soft.

The other table had this plain waffle that could be drenched with syrup. Like a ‘fruit basket’ to me and I won’t judge something I have not try.

The barista was really friendly and patient as she taught us how to do latte art in groups. One of the cuter designs she did was the 3 bears shown here. I did not try the coffee since I wasn’t a coffee person but I did try doing the latte art too! (Picture still in my friend’s camera.)
I enjoyed myself getting to know some of the other bloggers. However, my friend was pissed off with the service staff. He requested for a refill of water and the service staff told him to take the jug of water from the other table of bloggers. I even had to request for them to clear the table after watching them placing the waffle and going off without clearing the few empty plates that hog the table space.
Criollo Cocoa Café is offering SG 50 promotion right now! Quote ”Nuffnangxcriollo” to enjoy 20% discount of your total bill!
Thank you #CriolloCocoaCafe and #Nuffnangsg for the invite.


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