Cafe Hopping with Another Blogger #1 – Little Ice Cream Kafe

The term café hopping is already so mainstream, especially among teenagers? Not quite, but young adults who are more than willing to indulge into good food. At the same time, capturing insta-worthy images to boast a little.

 ”Oh, I have been to that café, check out my instagram images.”
 ”I had brunch there the other day with who-n-who and the waffles were so darn good that I would definitely go back!”
 ”Must choose the outdoor seatings! See my drool worthy pictures? All thanks to the natural lighting!”

Admit it, such typical statements of café hoppers which include me of course. Many other non-café hoppers would have only thought about the above point – The boasting rights. Seriously, there are other more meaningful reason other than that. The one and main thing I seek from sitting in a café is the interactivity part instead of the food. Sorry to say most places serves mundane food or copies that has no juxtaposition. I am totally bored and have zero interest in what’s new in the menu. It’s just about compositions and add on of ingredients.

Anyway, I went to meet another blogger friend of mine for a casual hopping session the other day. We knew each other on instagram and mutually know each other through our blog. Still stuck with the 2 years duty to serve the country, which makes him younger than me, just by a little. Edward, who blog on thedessertprince was also a hard core café hopper before he got bored of the now-stagnant trend. His posts are more towards the ‘family orientated’, emo, or should I say sentimental style?

It is not often that I café hop with someone who I do not know… or should I say it is always fun to try something new? I picked Little Ice Cream Kafe since I have wanted to try an ice cream buffet for quite a while. My second time travelling to Tanjong Katong area because it was so out of the way. I was early after reaching Paya Lebar MRT and thus decided to walk over. Walking over is not ideal and advisable unless you are prepared to perspire a little. 

I was still early and decided to take a selfie….

When he finally arrived, we chatted a little before heading to be overwhelmed by the selections of ice cream! Alright, he was gyming before heading over to meet me to indulge in our icy guilty pleasure. At least I also exercised by walking over right?  

I couldn’t recall exactly every flavours that I had eaten.
(The order which I ate)

Green Tea Oreo – I would prefer pure green tea because the oreo was just too sweet
Black Sesame – Kind of decent and less sweet 
Lychee Martini – The lychee taste was just too subtle, same for the really light alcoholic kick
Chocolate Brandy – Not chocolaty enough, alcohol not strong enough as well (I am not even an          alcohol person)
Frosty Watermelon – Not my liking since watermelon is just not a popular type of flavour
Thai Milk Tea – I am just bias towards ‘tea’ desserts and I love them all
Creamy Caramel Crunch – It was just extremely salty that I couldn’t continue after 2 mouthful
Butterscotch – Overly sweet for me
D24 Durian – Just average (best to eat last)


Just some random pictures despite them being just ice cream. How fanciful can a scoop of ice cream look anyway? We take pictures just because we are bloggers? 

Thanks for helping me take selfies! I know you don’t take any since you hardly have any pictures of yourself in your blog..

Anyway, not forgetting to mention that the waffles were really to my liking. Crisp, fluffy, those usual descriptions everybody just used repetitively in almost every food blogs? I won’t deny the fact that the vocabulary used to describe is just limited.
Time just flies when we were eating and chatting. 2 hours of camping in this ice cream café. For those who are interested, the buffet is only available on Fridays from 2 – 4pm or 6 – 8pm. Each pax is about $12 (couldn’t remember the exact amount). We had our fill of desserts, but still, a proper meal after that. Yes, dinner after desserts. Typical desserts/food bloggers! 

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