Buffets with Yakitori in Singapore – Sumire Yakitori House, Shin Minori and En Japanese Dining

Any yakitori fans around here? If yes, you would love to read on since the post will be a personal review on 3 yakitori buffets found in Singapore that I have personally been to! I tank all the calories so that I could review these! (I did not put on a single kg anyway.)

Let me roughly share my experience!
Sumire Yakitori House
Price: $34.90 ++
Location: Icon Village
Meal of the day: Dinner
Variety: Middle range
The complimentary starter of cabbage given at the start of the meal tasted horrible to my friend and I. It was said to act as a ‘cleanser’ during our yakitori meal. Mainly easy-to-eat snacks such as this gyoza which was one of my favourite dish that day.

Their yakitoris were quite decent and refined, such as this bacon wrapped golden mushrooms. The only complaint I had was that they were too generous with their sweet sauce, resulting in overly sweet yakitoris that day. They were also not stingy with salt since their scallops were also slightly unbearable or I would have ordered more.
I was quite delighted to spot desserts in the Ipad menu! I had this soft mini taiyaki (waffle fish filled with red beans paste) as well as 5 scopes of ice cream! 
En Japanese Dining and Bar
Price: $38.90 ++
Location: Icon Village
Meal of the day: Dinner
No. of visits: 2
Variety: Limited range
One of the higher quality buffet around to make up for its limited range from its menu. I have been to this buffet twice, once in early 2012 and the other time was near the end of 2013. So far, I doubt there is a change in menu items. 

Sorry sashimi lovers, the sashimi platter is a 1 time serving only. (For 4 pax in this picture)

The menu also features salad and pasta that tasted of decent standard. 

Best pick for me would be the beef which were really juicy and tender, the scallops, salmon and meatballs. Check out these link for more information! (Round 1 and Round 2)

Shin Minori
Price: Lunch  $34.00 ++
          Dinner $37++ (Mon to Thur)
                      $39++ (Fri to Sun)
Location: UE Square
Meal of the day: Lunch and Dinner
No. of visits: 2
Variety: Huge range

The menu really wowed me and I was totally spoilt for choice and I only ordered the same few favourites of mine due to limited stomach space. Sashimi were not the freshest but decent. Swordfish available here, which is my all time favourite!

Too bad the pork belly we had was tough and dry, so my friend and I did not bother trying the rest unless it was stated that the grilled items were their specialty. (Check out my post here!)

Might have more Yakitori Buffets in Singapore next time??

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