Orchard Central Food Trail – Green Rabbit Crepe and Salad Gastro Bar, I WANNA (cupcakes), Yi Li Pao Pao Ice

I always thought of town whenever I felt like window shopping. If you don’t know me, my window shopping actually meant hunting around and ‘shopping’ for edible items. I was invited to a food trail, allowing me to taste from 3 (somewhat) new food establishments located at Orchard Central basement.
The healthy trend has been spreading like a wildfire throughout the CBD area for quite some time. Now it’s town area too? It really seems that people who wish keep a healthy lifestyle has been on a constant rise, leading to the demand of salad outlets. The first tasting was at Green Rabbit – Crepe and Salad Gastro Bar, B2-06. I tasted 3 bowls of salad since the crepe batter wasn’t ready due to manpower shortage. Is that a justifiable reason? A top view shot would be most decent since a close up on each individual bowl would definitely look like a huge mess of different vegetation. What’s most attractive about salads before tucking in would usually be the vibrant colours.
Naturally the first thing to do with salads would be to toss and mix them well right after the photography session of course. The 3 salads I tried were ‘Mona Laksa’ (laksa inspired ingredients and dressing), ‘Tom Yummy’ (tom yum inspired ingredients and dressing) and Koi Nippon (Japanese style salad). The dressing were really unique and my personal favourite was the tom yum! Strong flavour and spicy level just right for me. 
Next stop is I WANNA, #B2-04. I admit that I am no fan of cupcakes and my blog content could easily prove this point. However, who could resist liking these cute petite bite size delights? I have already seen girls going crazy over such cuties and no surprise the other female bloggers were smiling in delight!

Their signature would be the lychee rose and red velvet! Check out the nicely piped glistening cream on these cupcakes! Despite being petite, there were dense, rich and sufficient to satisfy my sweet tooth! 
I just need a picture with these lovely cupcakes! Evilbeany took this picture for me… too bad he did not capture the lovely Greece painting on the wall behind… O well..
These red velvet cupcakes were ordered by a customer and we bloggers quickly capture a picture of them with this cute pinky sheepy… Meh.. (I wanna eat too!) 

Last but not least was one of my favourite icy dessert! Alright, I love eating all chilled/icy desserts. Yi Li Pao Pao Ice, #B2-05 is the first store out of Taiwan in Singapore, being one of the most popular shaved ice in Shilin Night Market. I tasted most of its flavours and my top favourite was taro and mango! (Yup, that was what I had in my cup) The ice was so delicate and it felt a bit foamy when melting in my mouth. Try different combination or even add your favourite toppings to enhance its appearance/taste.

This was the strawberry which one of the blogger had (forgot who). Yi Li Pao Pao Ice uses real fruits resulting in such pronounced and natural taste (try their mango ice ; mangoes imported from Taiwan and you will understand what I meant.) Check out the heart-shaped spoon imported from Taiwan too!
I just love to enjoy such soothing dessert. Thank you Evilbeany again to help me take these pictures despite the amount of people walking through this path along Orchard Central Basement!

Just love taking fotd (food of the day) pictures with beautiful background!
Simply spend a min. of $30 (max. 3 same-day receipts) at selected Basement 1 and 2 Food & Beverage stores to receive a $5 Far East Organization Mall Voucher. Limited to 1st 200 shoppers only. *Terms & conditions apply*
Thank you Orchard Central and Alvin Lim for the invite!
*Update* How to resist such soothing icy dessert? I went back again with a friend and had the valentine fruit (green mango) and passion fruit combo! The sour combo with the latter being more sour. My friend had the strawberry and passion fruit and he really enjoyed his shaved ice!!! 

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