CooperVision Proclear 1-day Multifocal Contacts Lens

CooperVision may sounds quite familiar to those who wear contacts lens, since they are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of soft contact lenses and related products and services. As most of us usually go for the ‘normal’ lens of near/far sightedness or even astigmatism (散光), we have no idea CooperVision actually carries another type of lens specially catered to people with presbyopia. 
Source from Google image
Huh??? What the heck is presbyopia??? Never heard of that word before. 
Normally people around my age (mid 20s, not exactly young already), but still have not heard of this term before. Not until I googled its exact definition and spotted the Chinese word ‘老花’. Sounds familiar right?? Usually the older generation like our grandparents would mention the Chinese word instead.
In short (cut all those scientific explanations), it is when you feel like you need a pair of longer arms to clearly read newspapers or any articles because objects close up gets blurry. Usually affect everyone once you reach the age of 40-45.
Can you tell from the cartoon above which man actually have presbyopia??
 Man from cartoon: ”Hey, need some help here!”

Source from CooperVision 
Beside going through presbyopia surgery or wearing presbyopia eye glasses (more commonly seen),
contact lenses for presbyopia are getting popular since everyone wants to look good at all times, especially during occasions, attending gathering or events. 

Source from CooperVision 

Before you actually purchase your lens, why not experience a 5 day trial session with CooperVision?
Check out the link here! 


This promotion ends on 8 April:

  • For a small fee of $15, get an eye check by an eye care professional and get a FREE 5-day trial of CooperVision Proclear 1 day multifocal contact lenses.

  • The $15 can be used to offset the purchase of a minimum of 2 boxes of PC1DMF @ $150.

  • The promotion is available at the 8 stores listed in the dropdown box titled “Redemption Outlet” on the same webpage.



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