RISE Buffet @ MBS – 1st buffet of 2015

Thankfully I did not add ‘No buffets’ to my list of New Year Resolutions this year because that point would surely be in vain, just like the previous years. It was so shocking that I already went to my first buffet session so early this year…Yeah, that early…
I need to stop … as my records for the average number of buffets I had each year was 10. (8 – 14)

I love it when the place is nicely furnished, giving me the impression of a greenhouse feel, maybe because of the glass panels that allows natural light to pass through. I felt like a dwarf sitting right beside a giant artificial potted plant.

Admiring the splendid architectural design.

There was quite a wide spread of international selections, including Indian food section which I got to savour some of those hardly eaten before Indian cuisine. (Not shown here)

I felt that the concept of the buffet was more towards the market place style. Not just because of this picture that shows an extensive array of vegetables fit for a monk’s spread here.

My jaws literally dropped when I saw this section of breads! Gosh, what a spread. That’s not all, check out below.

The first thing that actually came into my mind was how much wastage would there be at the end of the day? Maybe not for me but do people actually go for bread during buffet? Let’s not talk about breakfast since it could be a stable food for most people, especially foreigners. Buffets sure have plenty of wastage in the first place anyway and leftover bread would usually end up in bread and butter pudding since the basic ingredients for it are just eggs, milk, cream and sugar.

The sashimi section never fails to put a smile on my face! Quite fresh I would say.

Just trying out (almost) everything available. Was a bit disappointed as I had expected a large slab of beef on a chopping board, ready to be sliced on the spot. Too bad chicken was in place.

I think my friend was thankful to the convex reflection of the mirror because it made him looked slimmer.
I did try out all their desserts too, but it wasn’t much that I actually liked…

I kind of liked the design of the counter display chiller where the pastry chefs could place their buffet refills in. Most probably the pastry kitchen would be on a different level due to space constraints. Only the culinary side have that privilege because they had to cook ala minute.   

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