Migme social entertainment platform – #migupSG #migmesg

I was invited by the guys behind #migmesg as an invited blogger to the #migupSG talk the other day. I headed down to their office to find out more about this social entertainment platform since I have not heard of it before. (Migme has been re-branded as it was previously known as mig33.)
I will let these cute migme stickers do the talking since they are so eager to share more about Migme!

Hey there! *waves* Since Migme is rather new in Singapore, I shall give you guys a brief introduction of what Migme is all about!
If you like dressing up an avatar like me *act cool*, there are just so many different clothes to choose from. How about being cool virtually like me?
Migme have a leveling system where you get to level up! Obviously the higher the level, the more accomplished you are, just like gaming. Pssst, one of Migme team member is a huge fan of Dota 2, just like me! Anyway, being higher level unlock more functions such as being able to create chat groups at level 10, larger chat rooms as well as able to give more premium gifts.
The variety of gifts is really huge! Hmmm you won’t expect what your friends might give you…*evil laugh*
I am dying to see your reaction when you open that gift box…
You won’t be bored since Migme incorporated a live chat where you could chat with your friends privately if you are mutually following each other. Larger chat rooms available for bigger groups too!
You don’t have to crack your brain too hard or stressed over what to post. Just post what comes to your mind. Adding a couple of pictures would also be great! Not to forget those ##### (hashtags) of trending topics. 
Even if you don’t post anything, you could be a stalker detective like me to check out on other people’s profile or what they posted.
Back to me and ending my post with 2 random pictures I took!

3 guys with 3 migmes’ or whatever you call them…
Feel free to sign up an account and add me @dessertingbeauty as well!

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