Lime Restaurant Lunch Buffet – Just another buffet spam

Time to update this space of mine! This was actually quite sometime back before I started working. I was desperate for a buffet meal again and being skinny is a horrible excuse to splurge on another buffet meal.
Lime left quite a good impression the last time I had the dinner buffet and I was back again for lunch this time round.

I kind of hated it when my friend and I was thrown to the extreme corner table where the service sucks due to the seating location. Please, the restaurant was not even packed that day! We also had to walk from one end to the another end to take the desserts! Since I am a dessert person, imagine the countless times I had to walk…?!

The food variety seems like it was exactly same as dinner time. Not that fantastic but decent.

Due to the lighting, our wefies pictures were so overexposed! I kind of liked it that way because I do not need to do much editing! 1st time using the selfie stick!

Loved this picture and I took it using the selfie stick too! Top view really rocks! Look at the clear picture of my steak!

Wow green tea cake! The colour was rather pale, too pale to be natural? Basically greentea cream and rather dense sponge.

The super chocolaty ice cream was good! So chocolaty that I feared a pimples outbreak would occur within the next few days after consuming a single scope. The lime sorbet was really sour and a bitter aftertaste that was deemed unpleasant to me. So not my type… 

Not to forget a series of kuehs that caught my attention due to their brilliant colours!

There were many more but I only want to feature one of my favourite dessert that day, which is no other than the durian pengat with gula melaka. I had to drain off the gula melaka because it was too sweet! I think I took about 10?…or more? 

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