Korean Corn Cane Ice Cream – Rare chance to try in Singapore

There was a temporary Korean Food Fest last week and by the time you have seen this post, I guess this ‘rare’ dessert would already be gone from Takashimaya. For someone who have not been to Korea before, I found this yellow wrinkled cane looking thing rather alien. After Kepo-ing (busybody-ing) around a bit, I found out that it was the corn cane ice cream that was imported from Korea, costing $3.50 each. 
I even went to video how she ‘squeeze’ the vanilla soft serve ice cream in these hollow centred corn canes.
Check out the video on my instagram account here!

Gosh! I just had buffet at Marriott Cafe less than a hour ago and I am eating this! Already ultra full and this corn cane did not show my stomach any mercy at all. While girls go crazy over K-pop bands, I got influenced by Meok-Band Trend, which is the latest online craze among South Koreans. It involves watching a gorgeous woman eat giant servings of food!
”Combine the elements of competitive food eating, voyeurism and online porn and you turn the banal act of eating into marathon livestreamed video that has become a growing trend out of South Korea.
Nah, not into that extend yet since I only had pictures of myself enjoying my food…

Being a bit of an asshole here, I saw a couple of girls seriously enjoying themselves feeding on this yellow sticks. Guys eating this would naturally feel much more awkward. I told my friend to give his girlfriend a cane and he would be able to tell if she were good at SEX. (One of the criteria) 
Frankly, the corn cane was only slightly crisp, close to tasteless and containing fairly little soft serve. Don’t judge the internal containment by its overall size!   
*Update* – There is an outlet at Vivocity basement 2 selling these for the same price too!

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