Parkroyal on Pickering – Lime Restaurant Dinner Buffet

Thanks to the Entertainer application, I get to enjoy the 1 for 1 voucher! 
Check out my previous post link for more information on the Entertainer!
A large wooden table packed with a huge variety of sweet treats is really a seductive way to welcome people into a buffet. Provided that you do not enter by the back door which my friend and I did…
I purposely did not zoom into the picture, just to leave you to guess what sort of dessert they were.

The interior was a blend of modern metallic and rustic woodenness, rather dim and lit up mainly by spotlights. The place was so spacious and the buffet spread was nicely spread out.  

I had a beautiful night view of the streets out there while my friend get to ‘ogle’ at a group of aunties (tais tais) in their seventies, celebrating an occasion.    

Nowadays I seldom want to blog about buffets since the dishes often rotate. (I have a buffet label at my blog’s side bar though.) I will just throw in some food pictures to satisfy your cyber hunger! A international buffet with seafood, bread, cheese, Japanese, Western and Peranakan.

The place was so dim that I had to place my plate right beside the table light to capture a clear shot.

Some of the Peranakan style food which tasted really yummy! Laksa, kueh pie tee, rojak and more…

While people love to take #ootd (outfit of the day), I would prefer to take #fotd (food of the day).

Sashimi indulgence! A must have for me at every buffet!
A peek at the some of the desserts available! I basically tried every dessert and the key lime tart was my top favorite, followed by the durian pengat and the strawberry ice cream! (Forgot to try the nonya kuehs…) 

How can I not resist to take a picture with this grandeur towering green tea fondue! 

Ending the post with 2 more selfies! The pathway with really comfortable seating  facing the outdoor!

Artificial leafy greens along the walls! Stay tune for the update of my lunch buffet at Marriott Cafe, also using the Entertainer 1 for 1 application!

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