Brownice – Healthier ice cream!

Taking the ass back view of these 2 ladies at Brownice was not on purpose. Don’t judge me. It was a quiet weekday night and my friend and I decided to drop by for ice cream and waffles! (I recently got hooked on to the waffle craze and kept craving for waffles…) Brownice serves vegan ice cream, made from organic brown rice, free from animal products and dairy-free. It definitely sounds healthier and the more I had the reason to indulge! 

We agreed to get waffles with 2 scopes of ice cream to share and ended up with 2 basic and original flavors which were vanilla and strawberry.
Our process of picking the 2 flavors – We started off trying about 2 of the other flavors which did not suit our likings.
Friend: I think I want to pick strawberry, it tasted really good.
Me: After trying blueberry – Wow blueberry tasted so natural! I want blueberry!
Friend: If you pick blueberry, I shall change flavor.
Me: O ya, no point getting 2 berry flavors.
Friend to service staff: Could I try the vanilla flavor?
Me: Huh? How come you want try vanilla, so common leh…nothing special.
Friend: After trying – It tasted so weird….
Me: After trying – Omg, I love the taste! So unique with a rather strong smoky flavor. Do people actually                                  smoke vanilla beans too? I am getting this flavor!
Friend: You taking Vanilla? Alright, I will take Strawberry then.

I guess I have already described the ice cream taste during the conversation above. The scopes of ice cream were HUGE and I am not kidding! (See below picture for justification.) The waffle was drizzled with chocolate sauce which dried up into the waffle itself. Although crispy and somewhat dry, the waffle had a mild burnt taste that was quite distasteful to me. I was taking picture of ourselves taking a selfie shot at the background! 

(From my friend’s instagram)
The perfect ambient and the natural taste of ice cream would definitely lure us back for other flavors.
Why my favorite green tea flavor was not available that day!! 
Updates!! (19/01/2015)
How about another round of healthier ice cream! Too bad my friends and I had to gobble our ice cream hurriedly since the outlet was about to close for the day.

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