Little Part 1 Cafe – A corner to cozy up!

Chilling in a cafe has always been my favorite hobby, especially when it was my friend who decides on the location. (So I need not crack my brain and stress on where to go!) Having been to Upper Thomson countless times to dine, I was surprised that I had actually missed out this ‘Little Part I Cafe’ which was located near Upper Thomson Plaza. Took a shot of the entrance since it portrayed a retro feel. (Stupid black car spoiled my photo!)   

Despite the range of beers and other alcoholic beverages available, the desserts option was quite limited, roughly about 5-6 choices only. My friend took the walnut cheesecake since he had cravings for cheesecakes that day. Every mouthful of cheesecake had plenty of walnut bits in them, nuttier than cheesey! He got an apple cider beer to pair with his cake!
As the selection of cakes did not persuade me to try them, I went for the waffle instead. The pale yellowish looking waffle came with a scope of vanilla and chocolate ice cream that tasted rather decent. However, the texture of the waffle was not what I had expected it to be – Crispy. It was soft, chewy and soon soggy. (Somehow my friend liked the chewy texture.) Anyway, I still enjoyed the dim, homely and cozy ambient, the company of my friend and the night view of the quiet road outside.   

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