Sushi Megumi Japanese Resturant – Quality > Quantity

My friend brought me all the way to Sentosa to have lunch at a Japanese Resturant which he often patronize and rave about. The place is quite inaccessible for non-drivers like me, since it is located within Sentosa Golf Club. Be prepared to view some pictures of authentic Japanese food prepared by the Japanese chef himself!

Not the typical outdoor view you usually get! A segment of grassy plains where people play golf – OMG so beautiful!

Golf carts parked neatly along the road. This picture could be a perfect painting inspiration!  

Despite the beautiful view of the golf course, we still dined indoors to escape the afternoon heat. The indoor seating is definitely much more ‘Japanese’ and comfortable too. I noticed that the other guests were mainly golfers or businessmen having a meal with their client. 

My friend had the Chirashi bowl! (Close to $40)

It definitely was tempting to see his entire bowl of rice being covered with a variety of fresh ingredients! Uni! Toro! Unagi! Etc….!
My other friend and I decided to go for the Bento set which came with a bowl of rice and miso soup. The lighting was dim and my pictures did not give justice to the yumminess of the food. (About $40 a set which I felt was worth the value!)

Going a little into details, strips of carrots, black fungus and maybe prawn paste (felt the tingling due to my allergy to crustaceans), coated with a light batter and fried. It was so addictive as a snack itself!
Salad, bacon wrapped oyster, prickled ginger flower, fried chicken karaage, grilled salmon and tamago (sweet egg)! I am no fan of tamago but this was quite an exception!

Snapper and tuna sashimi, raw shrimp, 1/4 of a scallop and kelp! 1 word – Fresh

My favorite fresh and crunchy bamboo shoots infused with dashi broth with bonito flakes! I wished I had more…

Last but not least, we had citron sorbet and a cup of tea! (Not sure if it was hojicha or brown rice tea though.) 

Another cup of tea which I guessed would aid digestion. See the cute baby crawling up….
If I had the chance, I would be back again! 

4 thoughts on “Sushi Megumi Japanese Resturant – Quality > Quantity

  1. The Chirashi bowl (looks more like a plate to me) looks special. Most Japanese restaurants only offer donburi with single topping and I usually had difficulty in finishing the rice. This one looks like opposite way. Thanks for sharing.


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