Artisan Boulangerie Co – I am a Crust Lover

Back here again at Artisan Boulangerie Co’s Great World City outlet with another group of friends! I just love baked crusts, no matter they are from flaky dough or mealy dough.

Although the peach tart was petite in size (to me), the sweetness was well balanced with the tart shell. Too bad the somewhat firm tart shell was a bit underbaked at its base that day (did not really affect the taste). Burnt or caramelized at its surface would be up to you to judge.     

The same old smoked salmon and dill quiche which I had tried the previous time I was here. To be honest, it was not exactly the same as last time. It felt drier, shrank a bit in height and had dropped in standard. Kind of disappointing I would say.

Looking like a solid foundation silo structure, the chicken pie was nicely caramelized, perhaps a bit too dark to some people. I could not wait to destroy a segment of the wall to reveal what laid inside! 

The dough was in between flaky and mealy, containing a mixture of chicken chunks, carrots, peas and creamy sauce! It was a challenge trying to be neat while eating as the compact fillings toppled out slowly. I ended up eating the crust and the piping hot fillings separately.   

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