Gelare Waffles – Nothing impressive, really…

Have been wanting to update my blog but was quite busy with work recently! I am working in a small cafe right now (about a week only), doing some ‘mise en place’ and preparing for the cafe’s opening that is scheduled next week. Just a short post before I head off to my dreamland!
I have been wondering why people get so crazy about waffles, especially crispy ones. I have tried a couple of waffles from other cafes which fared much better than the waffles from Gelare. It felt so ‘instant’ and slightly crispy. I had mine drenched with maple syrup with 2 humps of ice cream that did not impress me.
Maybe I should also compile a list of good waffles found around Singapore??
Dozing off soon……Hopefully, I should be able to post another of my lagged post by the end of this week.

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