Lady M – Deeply in love with the green tea mille crepe!

Having high tea is always such a blissful affair, especially when something ‘green tea’ is on the menu. Yes! I finally tried the signature green tea mille crepe after eyeing it for quite a long time. It was love at first taste and my friend couldn’t agree more. Layers of thin crepe spread with green tea flavored cream, stacked vertically upwards and forming the lovely structure of the ‘cake’. Soft, creamy and yet not overpowered by the bitterness of the green tea, many people would easily be seduced by a single slice. I would go crazy with joy if I had the whole cake by myself!  

The red velvet cake took me by surprise and I did not expect it to taste so yummy! The chocolate sponge was coarse, not exactly dense but not dry while the sour cream cheese frosting was extremely rich! The sourness balanced the sweetness and the combination was simple yet super filling. 

Last but not least, we tried the strawberry shortcake. The overwhelming amount of cream and its collapsing state did not impress us at all. The plain sponge was not exactly fluffy and the cream kept forcing itself out every time our fork poked into the cake. It still tasted decent but just too messy.
I seriously don’t get one point – Why other people can place their cake in front of them for over half an hour while ours disappeared into our stomach within minutes? #gluttons

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