The Public Izakaya by Hachi – Over Fusion??

The interior was furnished so beautifully that it felt so surreal! Am I still in Singapore? The streets along
Tanjong Pagar where offices are located in almost every building? The dim lanterns hanging across the
ceilings emitted an orangey glow that made the entire restaurant felt so homely. Too bad my friends and I
had to dine outdoors due to the peak lunch period and the clash with the office crowd.
(Picture taken after the meal.) 

There were free flow of appetizers, mainly salad that were not worth the mention since they were either
soggy or badly marinated. It could be a wise move since office people are getting rather health conscious

nowadays. Health is wealth!

Certain food like this serving of deep fried chicken cutlets with wedges found in the lunch menu totally 
contradicts the Japanese style. Could it be a fusion that was overtaken by the western part? With the
ketchup bottles as a backdrop, no one could tell this dish was from a Japanese restaurant. Tender juicy 
chicken but the ratio to the crispy batter was imbalance. Let’s not talk about the processed wedges
since I decided to skip them.

My friend received a wrong order but he decided to take it anyway. I think due to the really huge pieces of
ribs that were too eye-catching and difficult to resist. My stares could not be turned away due to the
tantalizing gravy that drenched the rice. Gosh, I want to eat from that yummy bowl right now!  

I had the pork belly set which looked less appealing as compared to my friend’s ribs. It was simple, tender
and mildly salty, perfect combination with plain rice. Thankfully I had other dishes to whet up my appetite.

ARH….Finally the most Japanese-like food that arrived at our table! A light bodied clear
soup with certain unknown Japanese ingredients in it! Hard boiled egg, taro, fishcake
filled with sticky flour and another spongy fishcake. Such enjoyable and real comfort food
I would say. By the end of our catching up meal, the entire place was empty as people

went back to their monotonous work life. How I wished I had more freedom and be

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