The Corner Place Korean BBQ Buffet – In general, I would want to avoid in future

I don’t usually fancy going for a BBQ or a Steamboat buffet meal since I knew that the quality of those frozen/raw food usually sucks. I am referring to those standard $20 – $30 range of buffets which I had tried that has been listed on the side column of this blog.
You may question why I go for yet another BBQ buffet then?

Such buffets are mainly for gathering purposes, be it for a huge group of friends or with a
bff/buddy who got lots of catching up to do over a meal. Since my friend wanted to indulge
a bit on those scary quantity of over marinated meat, I just have to agree. Partly because I
was too lazy to decide where else to dine around Marina Square. 

These were the cooked food available while waiting for our meat to sizzle till cooked. Glass noodles were
thick and tasted decent, egg custard had that turn-me-off eggy stench and we did not touch the korean rice
cakes. I loved the Korean spicy-sweet marinated drumlets so much that I gobbled down 10 pieces of

them. Being in a buffet also means that you need to learn to be selective of the food you consume! Just
pick your favorite + what you think is worthwhile! 

Our ‘BBQ pit’ was constantly filled with various types of meat, especially those tender slices of beef! We
kept complaining about using those Korean flat metal chopsticks that were kind of a nuisance since they
were made without considering the ergonomics factor. The service was also prompt as the staffs would
change the foil once it turned semi black.
Not meaning to turn you off but looking at the amount of excess oil/waste dripping out through the internal
sewage system, we can’t help but to imagine those waste being deposited into our stomachs. Gosh, what
did we just fed ourselves with?    

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