Maison Kaiser – A filling high tea set

It was a rather random choice that day as I picked Maison Kaiser for high tea with my mum. Being
tempted by a couple of other tables who had ordered the 3-tier high tea set for 2, I decided to go for the
similar set as well. I am a typical follow-the-crowd person indeed! When the 3-tier stand arrived with 3
large plates of food, it basically occupied most of the table space and it was so annoying to eat with such
limited table space. (See from the picture what I meant?)  

The set came with a pot of tea of our choice and we picked the Lemongrass and Verbena.
(Free refill of hot water available but reusing the same tea bag.) I really disliked the cup design,
as with such large surface area, the tea turned cold really fast unknowingly. 

We started off with the sausage quiche (quiche of the day) and we enjoyed it thoroughly! (My personal
favourite from the entire set.) The savoury quiche had a somewhat firm eggy custard (not watery) with not-
so-salty sausage chunks. The taste was well balanced and it was so addictive, especially for a fan of
savoury food like me. The smoked salmon side and salad were refreshing and gave the savoury part a
different texture.  

The desserts were sweetness overload to us, especially the eclair and the chocolate chip cookies. The icing
coated eclair was filled with vanilla flavoured ; custard-like cream, thick and sticky. I did not manage to
finish my piece of sugar-high cookie though. I loved the moist green tea cake with cream as well as the
large slice of mixed berries cream cake. Eat it early or you would witness the meltdown of the gelatin set
mixed berries compote (top layer).     

Last was not least, these assorted open faced sandwiches were decent and fulfilled their duty in filling us up
quite a bit. With such a filling high tea session, my mum and I probably had a bit of problems having dinner
at a standard 6+ timing that day.

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