Helping out at a VIP Event @ Marina Bay Cruise Centre!

Just a little update – My last day of internship ended over a VIP Event located at Marina Bay Cruise
Centre. Fortunate for us trainees as it was our first outdoor event exposure that we get to experience,
instead of being enclosed within 4 walls of our production kitchen carrying out our boring routines.

Our job here as trainees would be to constantly refill the dessert spread whenever any desserts are
running low in numbers. The next few pictures would definitely make you salivate and desperate to dig into

the wide array of colourful petite portion desserts! I quickly snapped these pictures before the VIPs (about
800 pax) started swarming in with starving tummies.   

Some of the lovely desserts available!

Colorful background lighting as well as sculpture decorations to enhance the overall presentation of the
buffet line.  

More desserts! Too bad I did not get a chance to try most of them… I could if I wanted to, just that I did
not want such high amount of sugar intake in a single day.

Refreshing fresh cream with fruits! 

Different types of cheese, dried fruits, grapes and plain crackers.

Fact #1 – Do not be surprise if you see many people (ladies especially), going directly towards the dessert
             spread before having their main course. 
Fact #2 – Macarons were the first to be completely wiped out, including the countless trays of spare which
             I had to refill constantly throughout that evening.
Fact #3 – Some ladies really could eat up to 12 pieces of macarons (more is highly possible).
Fact #4 – Desserts could be ladies’ main course instead.
Fact #5 – Top favorite macaron and first to run out was the nutella flavor (probably closest to chocolate

The lighting was kind of dim, resulting in blurry pictures. Although it was from 1.00 to 10.30pm that day, I
went at 9.00am in the morning to help out a bit. The experience sure was a load of fun, better than being
stuck in a production kitchen (wanted to stress on that point again)!

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