Gelateria Italia – 8 Flavors at a time!

Guys DO enjoy ice cream with waffles too! 6 guys, 8 flavors and 4 waffles! Don’t ask me what flavors
they were since I was not the one picking them and I could not recall anyway. Thanks to one of my friend
who bought the groupon voucher to share the deal with the rest of us. I was once an addicted fan of
groupon deals too and the deals I bought were food related ones. I stopped myself from buying as some
of these deals were not worth it. Anyway, this outlet at Jem shopping mall only have 1 waffle machine.
Prepare to wait like us since they could only prepare your waffle one at a time LOL! 

Another day which I had the green tea and baileys! Too bad the green tea tasted
flat and disappointing and I was easily pleased with the mildly alcoholic and creamy
baileys. I would be back blogging since I have 2 weeks of holiday again!

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