Prego Italian Restaurant – All that yumminess!

I guessed this would be my last post from year 2013! My 2014 food pictures would keep stacking up if I
don’t do something… Anyway, just a little bombardment of really yummy food before I jump right to the
desserts part!

More yummy food shared among my other 3 friends and I!

Tiramisu would definitely appear in most of the Italian restaurants’ menu and missing it out would not be an
option! Prego’s version of tiramisu was slightly different and I was not used to this different style which
distinguished it from the rest. Besides not containing any alcohol, the ladyfinger sponges from this huge
squarish block were dipped briefly with coffee, so that it retained its firmness and not turned soggy. The
chocolate sauce at its base provided the necessary moisture to counter-balance the dryness. The only thing
that I disliked was being choked by the over generous amount of cocoa powder dusting on the surface.   

The chocolate mudpie was easily an attractive target among us. Who could resist such sinful indulgence of
both chocolate and ice cream in a single dessert? Although it looked a bit messy, it was still wiped clean by

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