Cake Spade – Light but still heavy

I made a trip to Cake Spade after reading about their highly raved strawberry tofu cheesecake from other
food blogs. As I arrived an hour later than my other 2 friends, they had already finished their desserts. (So
no pictures of their Red Velvet Cheesecake and Hummingbird Cake.) As their Strawberry Tofu
Cheesecake was not available that day, 
I opted for its almost similar variation which was the Peach Tofu
Cheesecake with a digestive base. Served on a tart pan, I stared at the wobbly layer of neon orange jelly
that encased a couple of peach slices and went ‘Cool’! 
Maybe my taste buds failed me that day as the jelly
tasted like mandarin orange flavor. I dug into the a-bit-shiny tofu textured cheesecake, claimed to have no
actual tofu added and I really loved it! The fact that I ate both the jelly and cheesecake elements
separately, also unknowingly proofed that they were great on its own. Another interesting fact was that
despite feeling ‘light’ during the eating process, the cheesecake was actually really filling. It was still
cheesecake after all!

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