Yonehachi – Sticky rice in Japanese cuisine?

Located at Takashimaya basement, clustered with many food booth and squeezing through the streaming
flow of people, I dragged my friend along to try Yonehachi which caught my attention some time ago.
The attractive range of lightly-toned colourful sticky rice tightened into capsules was an unusual sight in
Singapore. After ordering our set with the chosen type of rice, we waited like forever before being
served. The presentation was so not appealing and only the Okowa was worth the mention. 

I tried the Chicken Teriyaki Set and topped up an additional $1.00 for the scallop Okowa. The set meal
itself was purely a disappointment but I guessed the sticky glutinous rice was supposed to be the highlight.
How often do you get to see sticky glutinous rice appearing in a Japanese outlet’s menu? Although the
scallop Okowa was lightly salted and tasty, it had only 2-3 miserable pieces of thinly sliced scallop on it. 

My friend had the Shio Saba Set with red bean Okowa (original rice). His original rice came with a good
amount of red beans unlike my pathetic scallops. Slightly less flavorful but I guessed I felt a very mild tinge
of sweetness in there.    

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