Rive Gauche Patisserie – X’mas Potluck 2013 at Vivocity Skypark

Let me clear up my 2013 X’mas post before updating the rest……of the 2013 posts still. Despite enjoying
my school holidays right now, my posts are still lagging behind! By the way, ‘Noel’ on that chocolate
logcake is French for Merry Christmas as none of us is called Noel. Just a typical chocolate sponge spread
with chocolate cream, rolled up into a log and coated with slightly gooey chocolate ganache. My friend
bought it just for ‘yi shi’ (symbolic) only as Christmas always comes with a log cake right? Even if it was
just a mini one. 

Another cake we shared was the Cheesecake crumbles which came in a rounded looking bowl. Nothing
impressive to me as it was just creamy vanilla-tasting cheesecake mousse sprinkled with crumbles on top.
Maybe after being exposed to air for too long, the crumbles were kind of moist.
The food that my friends and I brought for our potluck picnic at Vivocity Skypark. It was quite enjoyable
as we spend our entire evening till nightfall over there, chatting and making a lot of noise, especially
laughter. The food were dam filling!

A group shot before ending this post! Too dark to capture any good shots already…  

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