Menya Mushashi – All the way to the West

After this meal at Menya Mushashi which I ate with my friends at Westgate (a newly open mall beside
Jem), I somehow felt the pinch of spending so much on a bowl of ramen. A bowl of ramen from any
other restaurants could easily hit $15 to $20, more than enough to cover an entire day food expanses.
Perhaps I should stop trying so many different outlets and stick to the same few favorite ones to prevent
unwanted disappointment. Back to this bowl of Black Special Ramen Set which I ordered that included a
choice of side dish. I was once again greatly disappointed about almost every major components this bowl
contained. Murky looking broth that lacked flavor, only half a non-molten centre egg, average slice of
pork belly and a boring piece of fried bean curd skin. I was quite pissed off about the extremely low
amount of broth in my bowl too, not that I enjoyed it. The only thing I liked was the H-shaped noodles that
were supposed to ‘collect’ a bit of broth along its grooves, just like the spirals of fusilli pasta. Thick,
smooth, slightly chewy and I guessed mildly salted too.   

Dennis had the White Special Ramen Set that was the plainest among all. Simple thick broth with every
ingredients exactly the same as what I had described above.

Yong Xian tried the Red Special Ramen Set which looked more orangey than red and was mildly spicy. I
hoped they did not choose different types of ramen just for my photography sake or I would be so
touched LOL!

Our mediocre side dishes with the gyoza standing out because of its juicy meat fillings. The maki was too cloying due to its
tightly compressed rice. No more trying of new ramen outlets for me liao, unless I suffer a major crave! 

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