Ramen Champion – Getting worse?

Before I begin typing this post, I was already questioning myself why the heck I choose to eat the same
bowl of ramen the third time? The first time I randomly tried (out of the other outlets), I fell for it. The
lovely thick and slightly flat noodles in the salty-savory broth with additional 3 huge spoonful of finely
chopped garlic was so addictive. The second time I ate, it was less satisfying but still delicious. This time, I
was utterly disappointed with this same type of ramen, but of far-fetched standard. The molten centred
eggs were still acceptable but not the broth. There was an obvious layer on the surface (definitely oil), and
the broth was rather bland and tasteless. What did I just paid for?  

My friend was searching for a bowl of ramen with spicy broth and the picture of Buta God Tonkotse
Ramen caught his attention. The flaring red broth from all that chili flakes or spices prevented me from
trying. He was thoroughly enjoying both his ramen, as well as the feeling of perspiring non-stop throughout
his meal. So not my meaning/sort of enjoyment.       

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