Launch of Ronald McDonald’s Big Red Shoes bench!

On the 25th Oct 2013, McDonald has once again kicked off its annual McHappy Day fundraising with the launch of a travelling ”Ronald McDonald’s Big Red Shoes bench” at Dhoby Ghaut MRT station! As part of the McHappy day activities, McDonald will donate $1 per photo (instagram) with the hashtag #mchappydaysg, capped at 5000 entries, to RMHC. RMHC is an independent charity that had been running a ”home-away-from-home” facility at National University Hospital (NUH) for families with children in intensive care.

I had a picture taken with Ronald McDonald’s Big Red Shoes bench at Toa Payoh Bus Interchange! I
know my dressing style is rather horribly mismatched and I looked like I am in a sleeping attire. After
getting a stranger to snap this picture for me, I noticed that there were people queuing after me to take a
picture with this pair of large shoes! Just pass it on! Remember to upload your photo to instagram with

the hashtag #mchappydaysg !

Location of ”Ronald McDonald’s Big Red Shoes” bench
Dhoby Ghaut MRT station         26 Oct – 01 Nov
Harbourfront MRT station        02 Nov – 08 Nov
Toa Payoh Bus Interchange      09 Nov – 10 Nov 
Boon Lay Bus Interchange        16 Nov – 22 Nov
On the 10th of Nov, I had the chance to attend a casual gathering with 7 other bloggers to witness the set
out of the event where about 500 staff volunteers from McDonald would hit the Singapore street to raise
awareness for RMHC by selling ‘Ronald Smile’ for S$2 each! Now for more pictures!
By 12.30, everyone were smiling happily, full of energy and prepared to set out to sell those ‘Ronald
Smiles’! Can you spot Ronald McDonald among the crowd?
One really big happy family!
How could you not spam some great shots with Ronald McDonald before setting off?
This picture is so dam cute that I posted it! 
Bloggers turn to have a picture with Ronald McDonald!

I bought a ”Ronald Smile” for S$2 to store up some good karma points! OMG,
why my hair style like army recruit?!?   
How could I resist not taking pictures of any food or drinks that appeared before my eyes! The sweet
mango fizzy drink was really refreshing! Imagine the hardworking volunteers out there trying their best

to sell as many ”Ronald Smiles” as possible in the name of charity!  

I got to try the newly launched (not long ago) Banana Pie too! Some may say it tasted like goreng pisang
(banana fritters) but I disagreed. I created a little mess while breaking the crisp shell apart, revealing the
golden brown banana and the gooey ‘sauce’ encased within. The banana texture was more towards

‘stewed’ and more mushy as compared to goreng pisang which has a somewhat firmer bite. It was such
a delicious snack to me since I loved the original apple pie too! 
Hey minion, stop giving me that face! Those banana pies were the bloggers’ share! Haha, I
think McDonald wanted to snatch all the bananas away from those minions! 

(Minion picture from google image)
Kitson Choong (Chief Operation Officer) came to share with us more about the event as well as the
initiative! He stressed the word ‘family’ many times and I knew he was someone who would cherish family
and bonding really much. He also explained to us in details about the fundraising activities conducted and
the operation of RMHC that has been running a ”home away from home” facility (Ronald McDonald
House). I felt that he was going to tear while explaining to us about children in the intensive care part…

A picture with COO!

Next, we had 2 of the volunteers who shared about their experience and why do they want to work at
McDonald for over 10 years! I know it was not easy to work in a F&B industry and what kept them going
was being part of the ‘family’ (the same thing COO had mentioned). 

Time to camwhore a bit with May (left) and Janet (omy blog club administrator ; right)

Picture with Angela, May, Me, Kiahgek (left to right)
I felt that I am quite bad with posing for photos and my poses were so not natural LOL!…Still more

comfortable with taking pictures of food!

Another picture with Angela, May, Me, Yuki, Kiahgek (left to right)
I hoped McDonald could attain their desired amount for charity! 

Thank you Omy blog club and Janet for the invitation! 

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