Baking with friends!

This post was actually more than a month back and it was still under my draft session! It was quite a
random thing as 3 other of my poly friends wanted to bake a rainbow muffin. All the ‘mise en place’ we
had placed on the table for a little photo.

Our rainbow muffin consisted of 5 colours and look at those lovely pastels. Luckily I told them to control
from adding too much colours as it would look too artificial, unless natural coloring were used. 

We also made green tea cubcakes with green tea kit kats stuck into them. Our whipped cream actually
failed, making our cupcakes looking under dressed. However, the green tea taste was still so awesome!

Our mini plain vanilla cupcakes with a coffee chocolate bean. Our alcohol had evaporated in the oven….

Our rainbow cupcake! Too bad the 1st batch was too overflowing and the batter flooded out while in the
oven, resulting in a rainbow smudging mess. This was the 2nd batch and I could only detect 3 colors??
Anyway, we had a really fun but tiring time and the pictures we took turned out quite unglam (so not

posting them!).  

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