Rakuzen – A Jap dinner with mum!

My mum and I were already starving and I was on a verge of having stomach cramps due to excessive
hunger. It was already 7+ and we still have not eaten our dinner! I seriously disliked the feeling of
starvation but I still led my mum all the way from Suntec City to Millenia Walk, believing that there would
be yummy food existing around that area. I was right! There were quite a couple of restaurants in there as
well as hidden around the bends. My mums choose Rakuzen, which I had in mind since I had cravings for
Japanese food. The place was rather quiet and dimly lit, so I felt my eyelids getting heavier every moment.
I shake myself up, trying to enjoy the peaceful ambiance and the beautifully designed furnishing around

My mum ordered the Tonkotsu Ramen which looked like an ordinary bowl of ramen. (Instant
noodles would be more liked it.) How do you actually present a bowl of ramen to look
more appetizing? Tough one I supposed. Despite the non-attractive presentation, the soup
base was really superb! It was soothingly light and the umami flavor was irresistible. My mum
really enjoyed her ramen but the greatest disappointment was that the Tonkotsu Ramen here
had no Tonkotsu in it. Therefore, it was basically a plain bowl with only some vegetables to
go with!   

As for me, I had a craving for sashimi but wanted something more filling. So I ended up 
picking the Sakura Chirashi Don – Mixed sashimi over japanese vinegared rice. Pardon
me as I really could not tell if the sashimi were fresh all because I did not get a satisfying
feel after consuming them. All I knew was that there were no traces of any fishy smell
emitting from them. The prickled ginger slices were unusually good with mild pungentness.
I guessed the pink sugar I left behind was sakura sugar as I did not like additional artificial
sweetness in my don. On the whole, the price tag was something I should consider before
stepping into any Japanese restaurant, which my mum would be oblivious to.  

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